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Venting We should be able to appeal warnings as well as bans.

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Post like the FBI is watching.
May 6, 2018
157d 14h 27m
I was cracked for 30 goddamned points for "Misinformation" here. I'm triggered like a motherfucker.


I'm not just mad because I think this is harsh, and that I lived in fear for a month. Pulling back my posting frequency here to seek refuge on fucking Looksmax. I'm mad because my punishment was based on nonsense. At best, I was punished for accurately reporting what little information was given to me when I asked. I'll break down the proceedings to show you what I mean. And just so I don't get pinched for "Misinformation" again, I will quote exactly what everyone says.

August 29th, 2021. Locally footjobbed male @-BrettyBoy- appeals his ban, and his appeal is accepted.

In this thread, @Fat Link says...

Well I didn’t want to ban you as I generally find you to be a pretty harmless poster but the rules first and foremost demanded it, followed by a large majority of the userbase that was also pretty much demanding it so I felt I had no other choice.

That said your case is being discussed behind the scenes and many including myself would like to give you another chance so I’m just waiting for the word on my last message at our secret mod hideout to unban you really unless someone else does it first.

Oh and if you are allowed back please for the love of whatever you believe in don’t mention anymore of your Chad stories on the forum because if you do I’m not sure your mod supporters are going to continue feeling like giving you third and fourth chances in the future.

A lot of people wonder why Bretty got a pass here. I also did. Because no explanation is given here for how all of the Rules can still apply, but Bretty can stay. So I ask Fat Link on October 21st, 2021.

Turns out @-BrettyBoy- wasn't allowed back for any reason consistent with the rules. Aw, @Fat Link, I really do appreciate you, and I like Bretty too, and I even like @SupremeBurrito. But what do the rules even mean if this can happen?

And in response, Fat Link says this.

It means that we’re just another web forum and not an official government court of law which means sometimes arbitrary popular or unpopular decisions will occasionally be made that don’t seem to properly jive with the established rule set as laid out.

It is this way I believe for the ultimate good of the posters and the community as it removes absolute rigidity in all cases/instances and provides for leeway, mercy and special case considerations that otherwise could not be remediated should things remain so strongly 100% set in stone.

You will note if being honest with yourself that you see the community cheers these arbitrary rule bends/breaks when they do something in the majority’s favor such as allowing the open discussion of escortceling, which IMO undermines the site’s overall message/theme and rules literally more than anything else.

Yet it boos and LOUDLY at that when the arbitrary rule bends/breaks benefit someone such as Brettyboy.

Mods have been unfairly solely called hypocrites over the Brettyboy situation but aren’t the majority of the community’s posters no better but exactly the same type of hypocrites, due to their active “frothy” participation in Serge’s poll to allow escortcel discussion or not and this majority voted in favor of it?

That majority spat on the rules as is when given the opportunity as they don’t want a true incel discussion forum but the bastardized thing which we have now.

Well congratulations to that majority.

You all share in we mods hypocrisy. :feelsclown:

"It means that we’re just another web forum and not an official government court of law which means sometimes arbitrary popular or unpopular decisions will occasionally be made that don’t seem to properly jive with the established rule set as laid out. It is this way I believe for the ultimate good of the posters and the community as it removes absolute rigidity in all cases/instances and provides for leeway, mercy and special case considerations that otherwise could not be remediated should things remain so strongly 100% set in stone."

That's the reason given. Is Fat Link not saying here that the rules can be bent, and were bent? That the reason Bretty was allowed back was because someone felt like it was warranted, and that matters more than the rules?

You might play Fat Link's advocate and say "No no, that's not you asking him. And that's not him answering. You don't have the answer yet." But I'm not the only one who asked. @Dregster666 also asked here...

Oyy why is @SupremeBurrito banned :feelswhat: the man is still virgin and never even had a kiss. In latin countries foids do that bullshit as a joke calling ugly dudes their boyfriend just to get free stuff:feelswhat:

Why does this retard @-BrettyBoy- get to stick around when he had a consensual foot job :feelstastyman::feelstastyman::feelstastyman:

@SergeantIncel @Fat Link

And Fat Link cites that same response he gave me as the answer.

I give the answer somewhere in this thread here:

He used the word "answer." His words. If you wanna know why Bretty was unbanned, this is the answer according to Fat Link. So this "Rules were made to be broken" explanation is what I go on. It's the answer we were given.

Which brings us back to the post that got me modded. I say that, and then Fat Link shows up and says this...

No I did not.

I enforced what Serge wanted to be done plain and simple.

Just like any other employee does what their employer instructs them to do.

Just as you yourself also would have done in my position as well and then it would have been you instead of me that had to deal with hysterical idiots like @Azaylias shouting and screaming insults at you left and right like a bat shit insane woman criticizing you over it without knowing the full context of the situation.

Then having this moron gum up your PM system with 5 or 10 pages of whiney insult spam and then having to go around deleting the fags multiple topics insulting you all across the site in rude and crude ways because of his missplaced anger which was missplaced precisely because of his low IQ and being far too prideful and narcissistic to humble himself and ask some simple questions instead of throwing around accusations before attempting any other course of action.

I never said Fat Link didn't reinforce what Sarge wanted. Never implied that Fat Link went rogue or anything like that. So I clarify.

I'm not saying you didn't, I know you were following orders, I'm saying those orders are a reflection of public opinion defeating the rules.

But Fat Link says that's wrong. And he gives the EXACT reason Bretty was allowed back.

Public opinion had nothing to do with Serge’s decision.

See? This is exactly what I’m talking about with you guys and your seeming inability to simply humble yourselves and ask questions about the things you do not know the answers to and this is one of those issues.

Where you don’t have an answer or are too lazy/prideful/narcissistic to ask and wait for one you’ll simply make up whatever answer you want and begin tossing it around as an accusation/foregone conclusion and I’m talking practically everyone when I say this not just you.

Serge made the decision that he made because he personally found Bretty boy to be so mentally ill and inept that he felt Bretty boy deserved a special exception to his own rules because of it (and anyone else he might find in Bretty’s condition in the future for that matter).

Furthermore in doing so Serge told me he didn’t want our site to be as rigidly moderated as how he saw it being done on Reddit where someone as messed up as Bretty boy would basically be tossed out into the cold because well rules are rules.

So I can see Serge’s side of things and to me it’s an admirable kindness but I also understand forum psychology and male psychology and knew none of you guys would ever understand this or go for it but it is what it is.

Serge and Master own and run this site and keep the proverbial lights on and bills paid so if any of us doesn’t like how things are done, we can all bow out gracefully (or disgracefully and go join penguin boy Azaylias at his even more scarcely populated than this place, dive hangouts on Shitscord and or probably black pill club).

Bretty was allowed back because he is just that autistic, according to Sarge. As true as any example of mentalceldom.

But that's the first I'm hearing of that explanation. All I was told was "The rules don't matter in the big picture." But perhaps doubly unfair? Fat Link says I never asked him for the reason. As if he would've told me all this if I had simply asked. And I will point out again, I did ask. So I say this to Fat Link.

Wait a second, I don't think that's fair. I'm pretty sure at least one person has asked why @-BrettyBoy- was unbanned.

What is that if not me asking why he got to stay? Surely this was a big thing that lots of people were questioning, then got no answers about, then got mad about.

Fat Link doesn't think that's a sincere effort on my part.

Making an obscure post in Lounge in the form of a question isn’t going to do you or anyone else any good if you want a real answer.

You’ve been here long enough to know who the staff members are and how to either PM us or tag us if you want a specific question answered but expecting us to just stumble across your question so as to answer it, as though by luck, in a fashion you consider timely, is just plain unrealistic and needle in a haystack ish in nature, on a forum such as this with tens of thousands of posts.

This post doesn't add up for a couple of reasons. It wasn't just "an obscure post in Lounge." For one, I did tag him and specifically ask how Bretty could come back. For two, he not only answered me but affirmed to Dregster that it was the answer. So any legal room to argue "That wasn't the answer you have to ask me in some secret special way to get the answer" is gone.

And I bring this up too.

But @Dregster666 also asked. And your answer was...
I give the answer somewhere in this thread here:

Which then leads to your post about "We’re just another web forum and not an official government court of law which means sometimes arbitrary popular or unpopular decisions will occasionally be made that don’t seem to properly jive with the established rule set as laid out." Which is the whole reason I said "Fuck the rules, they can be bent by the force of public opinion." If this was your answer, I was accepting it. That was what I understood that answer to mean. If there was more to that answer, like "Bretty is too autistic, there I said it," you didn't include that despite people asking.

Despite people asking, all we have is "Rules can be bent" and "Many people would like you back." That is all the answer I was given, but I get 30 goddamned points for working with the best knowledge I have? Oooh, I'm-a real-a steam. Punching the air.

Fat Link then says "But I never said 'public opinion.'"

And you prove my point once again about your assumptive nature.

Nowhere in my response post that you’ve quoted do I give any indication whatsoever that the Bretty situation or any other situation regarding our rules or the bending of them has anything to do with public opinion.

That’s what you apparently want to see however so you see it apparently everywhere and make it your base accusation about how we supposedly do things around here.

The only time public opinion has any effect on our rule set is when Serge makes a poll topic asking the community if it wants this or that change.

Which is how we ended up with the totally retarded allowing of escortcel discussion on what is supposed to be an incel site but
I digress.

BTW, sorry you were treated unfairly by me with the 30% warning.

You and anyone else making these accusations actually deserve/s a 1 day ban for my having had to deal with these stupid false accusations for so long concerning the Bretty boy situation, since you were all too lazy/arrogant/assumptive/narcissistic/fearful to simply PM Serge or myself for a proper answer.

Again going with the "You never asked me" argument even though I clearly did ask him and he clearly did answer me with "Rules are not rigid things."

I remind Fat Link that yeah people did ask him, including me. I also explain what I mean by "public opinion," citing the original ban appeal thread.

You said in Bretty's appeal thread...

"Many including myself would like to give you another chance." What is that, if not public opinion? I don't know if anyone PM'd you. But @Dregster666 actually asked you. If you're saying "You guys aren't asking, if you would just ask I would tell," that's not true. Because Dreg asked and that was the best answer you could give.

I'm guessing at this point Fat Link says "No no you misunderstood, I was just being nice to Bretty, my words didn't actually mean anything." But again, I'll quote exactly what he says so I can't be accused of misinformation.

What is that you ask?

Its the equivalent to a secular humanist saying “Merry Christmas!” to someone on or around December 25th.

In other words just because the secular humanist uses the Christian terminology it doesn’t suddenly make him a believer in Christ or Christianity.

From his perspective he just used a soulless, capitalistic, pop culture term to be nice to someone on or around a holiday many people find special.

Thus saying nice or encouraging things to Bretty boy doesn’t mean what you think it means there.

Or as the Jew Freud would put it…

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.

I don't know how I was supposed to know which of Fat Link's words to ignore and which to take to heart. So I say as much.

So how was I supposed to interpret it? This is literally all the information I had up to now, despite people asking for it. "Rules can be bent" and "People want you back." The autism explanation you're only just now giving. Despite people asking. You're telling me "Don't look to deep into what I said in that appeal thread" when I don't have any other information, that leaves with with essentially fucking nothing. Despite people asking.

And you say "accusations" to me. All any of us wanted were answers.

It's at this point that Fat Link says "Well if you really wanted to know, you wouldn't have asked me, you would've asked Sarge."

If you really wanted answers as badly as you claim all of you would have began mass PMing Serge for them.

You know?

Our forum admin and site creator.

Yet for some strange reason everyone seems to be too afraid to directly engage Serge.

Not my problem.

I can’t force you to face your fears, I can only perhaps identify them, point them out and hope you all will somehow find the strength to overcome them.

That said I’ve figured out where your misconception came from and it was one of my own once I first became a mod until Serge set me straight about it ie I myself used to believe public opinion did or should have an effect on our moderating decision process but again that only ever does on those rare occasions Serge puts up a community opinion poll topic to change or better enforce this or that rule etc, etc.

Also most of my most vicious critics such as penguin boy were tearing into me over the Bretty situation having absolutely no mercy or allowance for the fact that I was a new mod at the time, largely untrained and essentially unfairly forced into the horrible Bretty boy situation by poor circumstance and misunderstandings.

Had the elder mods been around and heavily active for at least a month or two until AIJD and I got our bearings and were fully brought up to speed on things it’s very likely the Bretty situation wouldn’t of become the clusterfuck that it ultimately became.

I also had the disadvantage of not having AIJD around much right after we were modded as unfortunately just about right when that happened for us he experienced a family tragedy that took him out of the game/mod rotation for about a month leaving basically Serge and myself a total newbie mod as pretty much the only two people actively running the site.

Sure Master, cocksucker and the rest were/are still around and a little bit helpful at times but we’re talking like only once or twice a week here if that.

Meanwhile dickheads like Azaylias were screaming accusations, demands and insults at me as though I were a seasoned mod just actively trolling and fucking with everyone for my own personal shits n’ giggles rather than what I was actually doing ie trying to get my shit together and learn the ropes of how ol Serge wanted things done.

Which makes no sense. I asked Fat Link and got an answer. Now he's saying "Don't listen to my answer, ask Sarge instead?" Even if he did want to disregard his own answering of the question, even if he did mean "Fuck whatever my explanation is I don't know shit I just work here," that's not how ban discussion works and he knows it. If that was how ban discussion worked, we wouldn't have a Ban Discussion thread. The protocol is "Ask the mod who banned/unbanned the person. Typically in the Ban Discussion thread." If it was "Mods don't know anything, only Sarge can give answers" then a thread would serve no purpose. No, the actual protocol is almost the exact opposite of "Go ask Sarge." It's "Go ask the mod who made the move and don't bother Sarge."

I explain this to Fat Link. While also reminding him that regardless of what answers Sarge has, he himself already answered me by his own admission.

Hold on. You're neglecting the point that, according to you, you already did answer this. I asked you.

I didn't ask Serge about this because you were the mod that freed him. Nobody talks to Serge, why should we? The mod that makes the arrest/doesn't make the arrest has always been the sufficient party because moderations are up to moderator discretion. As it goes in Ban Discussion, nobody there asks Serge and nobody there gets answers from Serge unless he himself was the guy who addressed the ban/unban.

I did want answers. And I did ask. And so did Dreg, and so did a lot of people. I asked in the very thread you gave your answer in, and that's the answer I went with. Your speech about decisions being made outside of the rules, that was your whole entire answer.

Fat Link not only ignores that explanation, but accuses me of trying to blame him for this even after I said "I know you were just following orders and this was Sarge's call." And goes on to feel bad for himself over the abuse he faced after unbanning Bretty, saying that from now on he should never answer anyone's questions and we should all be left to languish.

Why should you?

Because the proverbial “buck” never stops with the “underlings” or haven’t you heard the age old famous phrase “shit rolls downhill”?

You so badly want this to be “my” fault and “my” responsibility but it’s not and it never was nor will it ever be unless one day Serge and Master either decide to gift me the forum or sell it to me at a reasonable price.

The fact of the matter is I initially did what all of you guys wanted until I was overruled.

Well hey what do you want me to say? Sometimes shit in life happens outside of our control and there’s nothing much we can do about it.

There was never any silly or ridiculous instance of “Fat Link said fuck the rules” however and “just did what he wanted”.


Even though I don’t really have much of a strong opinion about Bretty boy either way I’d be perfectly ok with Serge not caring and Bretty being gone since I originally booted him.

Lord knows since then I’ve booted an endless number of trouble making mentally ill freaks from the site neither Serge or the userbase as a whole seemed to give much of a damn about so why Serge found Bretty so special in particular to set free out of all the mental cases is again simply a question whose answer you can only receive by talking to and asking the man himself.

My mistake was as a new moderator to try and be helpful to the community with a variety of explanations.

Explanations at the time most of which were my own interpretation and guessing of why Serge wanted done what he wanted done.

Unlike you and others I did ask him directly and felt that his answer wouldn’t make much sense to a community that near completely lacks any empathy for anyone but itself but I tried anyway and still got blamed for the end result by yourself, penguin boy and others as though you guys literally expected me to go beat Serge up and reverse his decision as though that’s in any way a realistic scenario.

What I should have done instead is simply kept my mouth shut as no matter what answer I could give you, neither you or the rest of the community would ever be satisfied so long as Bretty is here which of course is ridiculous as I’ve already pointed out that the site’s mission and rules were already destroyed and undermined the very minute Serge’s poll allowing escortcel discussion ended with a vote sufficient enough to allow it.

That in my own personal opinion is a mistake Serge made far and away worse than the Bretty boy situation ever was or could be and that nobody really seems to care about that makes it extremely hard for me to take any of you seriously in your faux outrage over a mentally retarded guy allegedly getting an erotic foot massage (not even vaginal penetration with his penis ie ascension) from an ugly old grotesque looking woman.

So what I should have done and will endeavor to do in the future is practice the age old wisdom from mods I’ve seen all across the internet throughout time in how they conduct themselves, which means you will get no more answers or what I thought would be “helpful” attempts at answers out of me.

Instead this forum will be run like every other forum out there, meaning any future “major” questions you may have about controversial dramatic forum happenings in the future will be met by stone cold silence and deletion of questioning topics in regards to the incident in question etc, etc.

The most you may expect to get should any future controversy be intense enough to warrant it is a stickied locked post on Incel Discussion either saying all we’re going to ever say on the matter and or just a stickied locked topic in general with Serge or whatever other staff member in general with their name tagged in it directing users to PM them for answers/if they’d like to talk calmly and peacefully about the subject without flinging around wild accusations and assumptions.

I now fully realize why most mods never largely interact with their community after becoming moderators and its simply because the community/s tend to be far too immature to be given certain information and not go spastic and turn into spergs over it inventing their own “reel reazons 4 why thiss hapened broes!1!”

In anycase OP’s topic has unfortunately gone off topic and will now be locked for that reason (feel free to make a new version if you like OP) and no before you suspect or allege it I’m not “ducking you” Frothy. You can PM me with a response if you’d like to continue this pointless discussion but I think you’d be far better off using those PM abilities by finally contacting Serge and getting your answers directly from the proverbial horse’s mouth since it’s more than obvious nothing that I can say will ever satisfy you on this issue.

And then the thread was locked.

Hypocrisies on top of blatant ignoring of the words I say. The points I was burdened with were not just and I'm pretty sure Fat Link gave them out in anger. When you're saying "You're trying to blame me" after I said "I don't blame you," you're all passion and no reason. Which would ordinarily be understandable. But Fat Link, you are a mod. You don't really get to say "People are being mean to me." You're a mod. People are gonna not like your decisions and not like you for making them. That's how it is for all mods everywhere in all of the Internet. Surely you knew this.

But in my defense? When have I ever shown you anything but respect, Fat Link? Not just respect, but appreciation? And for that appreciation I get beaned for 30% along with "I don't care that you asked me, you should've asked Sarge even though that's not the protocol. You're all out to get me I'm not answering any questions anymore." There's a reason mods are held to a higher standard: I can't do anything to you, really. Except maybe be mad at you. Be "unfair" to you. You actually have control over my access to this platform. And so the hope is that you'll act with an even hand. Not whatever this was.


Feb 11, 2021
118d 1h 33m


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Sep 21, 2020
276d 5h 23m
DNR but fuck jannies
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