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Hypocrisy The thing i despise the most about normies in the current age: a phenomenon called selective indignation.



Jun 20, 2022
In my country, its pretty common seeing rapists get treated worse than vermins, to lynchings of them till gravediggers refusing to bury them.

What i dont get is this indignation with something so heinous, but then there are criminals like fernandinho beira mar, who did things that are 20x times worse with innocent people on a MUCH bigger scale (trust me, you dont wanna know), and if they died tomorrow, the same kind of disrespect wouldnt be shown to them...

While normies absolutely despise rapists, seeing them as the lowest of the low and, at the same time, letting other types of MUCH WORSE criminals slide, just goes to show how much our global society is disgutingly gynocentric and worships fefails in a scale that is already off the charts...
i hate this country so much
They always spout BS like "being a rape victim is worse than being dead" uh no it isnt, i am one, and compared to a dead person, i think i am pretty fine JFL "rapists should *insert crime worse than rape here*" then cant see how they are, on average 20x times worse than the regular rapist by letting their disgusting sadism show up whenever talking about them...
He's a drug kingpin, and like with lots of organized crime people like to lionize them.

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