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Blackpill A few Quora posts agree with Inceldom in a sea of bluepilled cucks

This is one of the best threads I've read here, and these posts are written so a normie can read them without their little stigmatizations of our terminology. The last guy has it all figured out. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts but written cleanly.
That third post was really annoying to read.
She kept talking about how incels are lacking important sexual development, and blames it on the internet and pornography.
She is deliberately blaming the symptom for the cause; those activities are surrogates
People don't just suddenly decide to retreat into the internet their whole lives.
It's because they were rejected in real life first.
You won't find a single male fapping to porn every day because women wanted to have sex with him.
where do those people get the data that 40% of males have reproduced trough history? I guess it could be due to slavery and not becessarilly looks
Bla fucking bla. They want to keep playing that game they deserve every Tragedy they get.
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Normies and bluepilled incels love to say that men who say anything against what a foid says are fat neckbeard vrigins sitting in their mom's basement. Because apparently calling someone a virgin automatically destroys all of their arguments.
unironically read them all before joining here
I love Quora, its super interesting unlike soyit.
I have an account on there. I gave up posting blackpill (read: objectively realistic) content because foids and soys don't like it. They will report you for 'hate speech', get your posts deleted and eventually banned. I got three bans before I lost my patience with the entire thing.

The site is unashamedly extreme left for the most part, just like cuckit. You get various posts that slip through the cracks, but on a larger level speaking the truth is unallowed. No pointing out how trannies are crazy people, women's malevolent behavior, etc. About the only thing the site gets right is their take down of religion.
Quora is mostly a soyboy site, but it's better than Reddit because at least dissenting opinions like these actually are allowed to be presented. If ANY of those reasonable posts were to be copy/pasted onto Cuckit, they would either get downvoted to oblivion or simply removed and the posters banned.
Not really. I mentioned censorship above, attempt making a group based around incels or the blackpill. Regardless of how dispassionate, objective and verifiable the posts would be (the blackpill is supported by countless studies) Quora would never permit it.
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Great post OP. The analogy about the dog is especially gut-wrenching, never thought of it that way. In the past 40% of males never reproduced and currently 27% is the reported value. Maybe social media and transportation has allow for more men to have more opportunities for sex. But then again as you mentioned pairbonding has been ruined and in some countries (esp developed ones) birth rates have been plummeting. I would expect that the percentage of men to never reproduce to increase substantially but due to multiple reasons ie don't want kids, no partner etc
The blackpill is really the only thing of its kind, everything else in society is more concerned with suppressing blackpill facts, so bluepilled incels and nearcels will have no choice but to embrace it since it explains the root causes of their suffering and no place else can they find people willing to embrace the facts which is Blackpill
Does Quora have a reputation/ karma system for users, like reddit?

If it does, then of course the results are going to be similar: Conform, or get downdooted to oblivion.
these were impressively brutal reads, the first one had more suifuel in it than 99% of posts on here
Took about an hour to read all that. 2020 is fixing up to be a real kooky year I can already tell.
Holy shit, a precognitivecel?? Tell me the next kooky year so I can short the stock market
Quora is a hit or miss site. Kinda like this forum but worse and more censored. 95% of the post are garbage that should’ve been common sense. But once in a while you’ll find a well put together post that ties everything together so well that it blows your mind. I’ll make a quora account later just to follow the guy who posted that
the dual mating strategy pill destroyed me

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