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Theory Do sex offenders and child molesters get beat up, raped or even killed in prison? The actual truth about sex offenders/child molesters in prison.

All sex offenders, however, are extremely hated in prison, even rapists, but rapists aren't as hated in prison as child molesters

Tough fucking shit

Even the worst criminals are SIMPS
YouTube Star Austin Jones Was Arrested on Child-Porn Charges

Austin Jones was a popular YouTuber who uploaded his own covers onto YouTube of famous songs. He was arrested for child pornography after he received and requested pornographic photos and videos from underage fans. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison

What a fucking clown world

So this teenage-chad is on youtube, some 15 yo slut get wet and want to show him her tits, and because of that he goes to prison 10 fucking years with brutal, ultra violent thugs.

Meanwhile the slut keeps jumping from a cock to another.
It's fucking ridiculous that retards consider """"""""""""""""""""""sex offenders""""""""""""""""""""""""""" to be worse than murderers
Yeah this is crazy

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