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LifeFuel In 2015, an American college fratbro normie Chad went to North Korea and thought he could get away with acting like a stupid American frat douche



Nov 8, 2017


He stole a North Korean propaganda poster to take home as a souvenir, and show his fratbro friends how he made a fool of the North Koreans.

Unfortunately for him, the North Koreans caught it on security camera.

Here he is after being caught:

View: https://youtu.be/BJ8CINk20rQ

Later, he ended up braindead as a result of injuries while in custody. North Koreans then sent him back to the USA in his braindead condition, and then his parents pulled the plug and he is dead now. North Koreans apparently have a very low tolerance for American frat douchebaggery.
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I remember this, based Korea.
looks like a normie
imagine dating a stacy and having a nice family and wanting to go to a dictatorship country to act retarded

peak normie mindset
never thought i would say this but based north cuckrea
but based of bestkorea to punish this retarded ameritard

fucking americunts think they deserve korean souvenirs, they don't deserve shit
Apparently the video is not clear cut that it was him who took it.
Would rather go hang out with the Taliban.
Based. Korea and Afghanistan are the only 2 reasonable countries left.
I have always detested the winning profile of the American fraternity. this is like the stupid guy who ate a slug to impress his friends and got paralyzed because the insect had a dangerous bacteria in it
he was probably a spy, this is the only time this has happened.
He’s the type of person to litter in Japan and ruin the streets
Thank you Kim Jong Un

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