[SuicideFuel] Chadlite at My Gym Evolved into Chad

Nov 8, 2017
Remember that thread I made about being bullied by 2 gym employees one of whom was a chadlite, well after taking a long break from gym while rotting at home and slowly getting fatter and uglier, then going back to the gym again, I noticed that the bastard's face had gotten even more angular and he had become a chad. Even back then females used to surround him and hang on to his every word.

I remember this one time there were 3 roasties, one of which I had a crush on, and he was speaking to them and they looked deep into his eyes completely oblivious to their surroundings and the fact that I was passing by . I can only imagine how wet they must have gotten at his genetically superior face voice and body.

Now he probably has orgies every weekend with dozens of roasties. Just today I saw him with that slag whom I used to like, even though she looked down on me with pity, and they were talking while using the treadmills next to each other . As soon as I noticed it was him my head automatically dropped down and I was shaking with anxiety, I am sure the scumbag saw me and said something mean while that bitch laughed.

The most pathetic thing is I sometimes fantasize about being him looking into the mirror and seeing his face his tall figure and large frame and the powerfully built body that could conquer the world and seduce any female. But unfortunately I am stuck as a hideous subhuman currycel never to know the joy of being a tall genetically superior wasp chad who has everything he desires handed to him for being genetically superior.

After they worked out together she probably sucked him off then guided him into her warm tight cunt. I wouldn't be surprised if that 6/10 roastie has a boyfriend whom she cheats on regularly with him and other chads,although considering how friendly and bubbly she is towards men she might just be permanently riding the cock carousel.

It just goes to show how unfair nature and society are, just as the rich become richer and the poor get poorer, the attractive gain greater aesthetic improvements while the ugly rot and become even more subhuman due to being rejected and ostracized by humanity. That's why thERe is only form of propER justice in this world.
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Mar 21, 2018
He is probably on some PED, tren makes you pack on muscle like a mastiff whilst also dropping bodyfat like a holocaust survivor. There is actually a term for it called tren face, the fat just melts off you and you get so lean you look ill.

His natural bones are now fully in display not hindered by any facial fat, meanwhile the rest of us are 15% bodyfat but have 40% bodyfat faces.


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May 2, 2018
The only way to evolve from Chadlite to Chad through going to gym is if the Chadlite has a lot of bf covering his facial traits.

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