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[Whitepill] You are NOT subhuman

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What do you seriously expect when you say "women's standards are too high"?

By saying that you're setting an objective metric standard and affirming to them they prefer the superior options.

Instead you should say "you're close-minded" or call their standards "irrational tastes" which will force them to actually think for a good REASON WHY they think like that.

Instead of buying into their worldview and adopting their value system, QUESTION IT! DO NOT reinforce it by calling yourself "subhuman" or "manlet".

WHY should you be considered unattractive? Realistically, how do your physical features REALLY affect your PHYSICAL day-to-day life? ALWAYS ASK THIS

Does the shape of your eyelids or chin for example affect your ability to do your job? Probably not. Every taste or preference they have should be QUESTIONED! ALWAYS! And argued about, because a lot of preferences are BULLSHIT and come from Judaic influence through mass media and education.

A lot of it is TAUGHT behavior through social engineering.

Leftists KNOW it's a real thing and they are always trying to change the way they speak and use language for political purposes, but WE don't do that!
Subhuman Niceguy

Subhuman Niceguy

Jun 18, 2021
14d 5h 58m
Don't try and make me feel better, it is not by a fluke that I have reached the age of 29 without ever being kissed by a foid. I'm an ugly subhuman, a nice guy who scares foids away.