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Serious When is the last time you had pizza?



Racist and loving it
May 13, 2024
I had pizza by happenstance in two different locations twice this weekend and although I love pizza I somehow feel guilty eating it two days in a row. I often get it maybe once a week or every other week and my work brings in pizza semi-regularly. Just curious how often pizza ends up being a meal for people here.
Idk, probably about a month ago
Literally 4 hours ago. I had left over pizza for lunch
Isnt there a taco bell at the pentagon also or are you in the FBI building down the street?
Not this year. I'm not sure if I had pizza last year. Which is funny because it's my favorite food. But I hate spending money on useless things and pizza has a terrible macro and micronutrient profile.
Probably two months ago from a gas station.

No it’s not the best pizza but it’s not the worst either.
A few months.
I don't like pizza (or cheese in general)
When I was at a group get together my parents made me go to
Last Friday night, I baked homemade pizza and binge watched movies alone:feelscomfy:
Probably last week
Far too long, I envy all you fastfoodcels. I’ve been having to eat bullshit like cheap noodles and hot dogs.
i only eat pizza on the weekends and if I'm regularly working out

otherwise that shit bloats me up like crazy. all of that fat and sodium lol...

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