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Blackpill You can't miss what you never had

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Let X be any experience. No can say for sure which is worse, never experiencing X or never experiencing X again, for being part of one group precludes you from being part of the other group.

I can easily come up with arguments why never experiencing X could be worse than never experiencing it again. E.g., if you get to experience something enjoyable never to be enjoyed again, you could very well end up looking back on it fondly. I know this is the case for me when it comes to plot twists in anime etc.

All in all, I think it's safe to say that speculating which is worse is ultimately moot.
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well.....but it doesn't matter if you "miss" it or not.....there's a desire, a want, a need....and knowing being lonely forever is indeed bad!
Yes, exactly. Even though I never experienced love or sex, I still have an innate need for it that is not met, hence why I’m in this forum. I do agree with OP though that being an Incel your whole life, getting a shirt taste of happiness, and then being an Incel till you die again would be awful.
dnr + OP is fakecel
you can't be negatively affected by the absence of something if it has never come into your life to begin with
I'm negatively affected by the absence of some things that have never come into my life to begin with.

Money, good parents, nice childhood environment, good health, loving family, healthy social circle, for starters.

All those absences are painfully felt, even if I never had any of those, my human condition still drives me to yearn for these.

Same goes for sex and affection.

These needs are intrinsic to my nature.
It’s not over, it never began
Time heals everything it's better to have some life experiences than nothing
In other words it's better to be born blind that losing sight later in life.

Interesting take.
That is not what he is saying my nigga. Being born blind is a disability that fucking nerfs you and blind people cope with "muh superior earing" as compensation for their loss of sight. Experiencing something socially is NOTHING like being disabled.
It's not much about missing what we never had, but rather about missing on what most of the population goes through in terms of life experiences.

When you're supposed to be a fully grown adult but have less sexual experience that the average 13 yo zoomer, you can't feel either normal or not angry/sad/depressed with what life had to offer to you.
One one hand yes, but on the other hand the broad clearly spreads her legs to the man, so he's not an incel. You can't be ugly and have females just walking into your life and saving you man. :feelshaha:. Not possible. Your example is wrong cuz it's impossible. It's just a little thought experiment you came up with, pure theory. In practice a woman will not as much as bat a fucking eyelid at your suffering, especially if you aren't Brad, Chadlite or Chad. You can't just say 'well here is an incel but a girl is with him for sum reason'. That doesn't happen in real life buddy boyo, otherwise we wouldn't be incels.

As for the actual thing you address; suffering, it depends on the person. Someone who never glorifies love won't care as much. Neither will someone who is purely about sex (but its possible for both men to suffer just the same, or even more, don't get me wrong. It all depends on a person's character. For example the guy who cares about sex might consider himself a subhuman not worthy of existence due to his inability to attract a mate... extreme example.). I guess you can make an argument that someone who experienced sex once and never again can miss it more than someone who never had? IDK? But it's not just sex, it's also emotions like you said. And both 1) and 2) guy are lonely and miserable, so your argument loses merit. It's not true that one feels worse because he had pussy once. If anything he's just a LTN, AT WORST and I'm very, very generous with this right now. Incels don't EVER have girls just spawn into their life and free them from their involuntary celibacy. That sort of capacity for empathy is only capable in works of fiction.
yeah this is an impossible scenario to begin with

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