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JFL Self Improvement Social Media directed towards Men is mostly to get sexual access to more Women

they just realized? :lul:
Lol, she goes into male spaces and doesn’t like what she finds. Big surprise
video alabama GIF

The key adjective here is earning access to “young women” as in college-aged to 28 max. Attracting young, attractive women is highly competitive. Everybody wants them.

However, among older women, over half are now single. Half of all new mothers in the USA every year are single mothers. Women, once they move into that next stage of life, are no longer wanted, at least overall. Once men start settling down, the harems are down. Monogamy is for the mature adults. Women can no longer share their dream man, and the well of Chads quickly dries as Chad picks his favorite and marries her.
Duh? Dumb bitch or pretending to be ignorant. The problems men have with self-improvement stem from gender discriminations which men cannot address without being labelled sexist. So what's left?
Shocking news creampieing a foid = better life

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