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News Overlord Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl!

Subhuman Niceguy

Subhuman Niceguy

Jun 18, 2021
I told you.

View: https://youtu.be/zyzEB4wUDGM?feature=shared
who the fuck is taylor switf
Glad to see cuckfornians seethe

i picked chiefs. @FrothySolutions will drown himself.
I am in California right now! All the other 49 states are happy California lost!
As soon as Mahomes threw the TD they panned to Swift and I shut the tv off. It ended up being a strategic game I enjoyed with the glaring exception of the boomercasters constantly shoving Swift and her posse down my throat
Who watches this garbage
That shit was directed.
Kyle Shanahan has lost 2 super bowls in OT on a game winning touch down. Pure suicidefuel lol
I will never have this

1  22

Btw Europeans will never understand what's so special about that sport.
Btw Europeans will never understand what's so special about that sport.
its just a game. grow up with it. when the american latinx mutts take over usa euro football will become popular.
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I played Battlefield 2042 instead of watching the game
it was a defensive chess match game. but the chiefs had the slightly better defense with a better QB.

niners should have ran the ball on many occasions but decided to throw it instead and got nowhere.

the only people saying that the NFL is rigged are the people who bet lol
What's annoying about scripted sports like the NFL is how dull they are nowadays.

The '90s-'00s WWE mogs them easily. But the WWE itself is a shitshow now.

The people scripting these games are boring niggers, I miss the days when scriptwriting was just Vince McMahon drunkenly yelling shit like, "Hey, Taker vs. Kane on RAW tonight, guys! They're fighting because, um, the Undertaker kidnapped and raped my daughter, and Kane wants a piece of the action!" while raping his female employees.

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