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Cope Who will win the Super Bowl, overlord Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers?

Which team will win the Super Bowl?

  • Overlord Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs will win the Super Bowl.

    Votes: 7 46.7%
  • The San Francisco 49ers will win the Super Bowl.

    Votes: 3 20.0%
  • I am not a burgercel, I don’t understand American football or grasp the gravity of the Super Bowl.

    Votes: 5 33.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
The Chiefs are a clutch team, so even if rigged, people could buy them winning. I unfortunately can see them winning legitimately, anyways. If they do, I will shut off my tv right after the clock expires because I'm not watching Chad Kelce and Swift prance around my tv.
Something I don't get about NFL is how teams that were shit some years ago now are in the Superbowl finals. I remember playing Madden 12 or 15 and teams like the Chiefs, Buccaneers or Bengals had terrible ratings of 70 something. But not so many years later those teams won the Superbowl or at least made it to the finals.

In football normally the good teams are always good, mid tier sometimes give suprises and bad are always bad unless some Arab sheikh buys the team starts playing PES Master league irl. Also I read that American sports aren't like football and it's not enough to have money to get good players. Americancels can you explain?
Can u do one thread that is not gay?
Watch moggers fight
Kike City Chinks vs. the Faggot Niggers

won't watch it obviously, but I'm sure it will be terrible. I'm not American, but friends of mine did drag me into watching sb's LII and LV, those were OK meh but I don't think anyone cares that much about this one here. Maybe some preteen girls, because they have a bad taste in music and sports. But not men.

IMO when American football becomes a sport primarily consumed by retarded preteen foids, we should change the rules so that it becomes #MeToo the game: the foids line up on one side of the scrimmage, and then the other team just run into them, grab them and start grappling. I think that everyone would be happier with this arrangement. And the players would get to fuck JBs rather than over-the-hill mid pop singers, a clear improvement.

On a more positive note, American Football did have some bangers back in the day, though their recent albums haven't been interesting.

lets assume it isnt rigged chiefs win.
I fucking hate Taylor Swift bitch who spouts feminist cancer.

Born into a wealthy family, born attractive, could afford the best healthcare products, has an army of song writers. She's fucking average at best. If she didn't luck out by being born into a wealthy family, she'd be a streetwalker now.
Holy shit! Just kick a field goal! Damn, the Jews made this game juicy!
Taylor Swift all day nigga, let’s go!
sad shit. @FrothySolutions RIP

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