International Passport: EAmaxxed tallfag talks about differences between Japan and Korea



Nov 15, 2019
272d 10h 14m

13:00 UK women compared to SK women
16:54 Korean American vs Native Korean
18:29 White > Black > African
21:00 Being a black english man in Korea
23:50 Claims to have dated a 9/10 foid, says he left her because she was toxic (most likely betabuxx)
27:43 Do you need to speak english to date these women?
28:44 Best way to meet these women
40:45 Did you date any women in Japan? (casually says he managed to date anywhere between 6-12 women)
43:40 Out of Japanese and Korean women, which do you prefer?
53:20 You can't defend yourself physically in Korea as a foreigner (doesn't matter if you're white or black)
1:02:12 Have you experienced racism?
1:06:52 Criticism of the government is looked down upon
1:38:37 I'm from New York, how will Koreans treat me?
1:48:50 How to approach women in social events
1:51:00 Japan is superior

In my opinion the difference is pretty blatant, he was able to get a few dates in Korea, but once he went to Japan he started going through atleast half a dozen women

To be honest I don't think Korea is a country worth going to for foreigners in general, let alone blacks, not only can you get kicked out extremely easily, but the women are also extremely obsessed with plastic surgery and have much higher standards.

In my opinion, telling blackcels to go to SK is a huge mistake, Japan is obviously the superior option, it has a good balance of everything, better looking women, far higher chances of success, less plastic, and the people are just overall nicer and more accepting.

Overall the average blackcel isn't going to have much success with korean foids, they just have much higher standards.

Both of them met in Japan, just for the record

That doesn't mean that blacks can't get anything, it just means that it'll only work if you're average or above average in terms of looks, as shown above
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