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JFL Department of Homeland Security publishes a report revealing they've been running a psyop to stop the "manosphere" from spreading

Andrew Tate has changed the world far more than most people like to accept. Legit created an entire generation of men who are more cautious of women. The government requested he be censored.
There's like a thousand of his clones of YT. If they really saw redpill as a threat, they all slowly would be removed from YT.
This is going to be a doozy! So the DHS (department of homeland security) published a report recently before they quickly took it down revealing they've been trying to stop the growth of the manosphere by placing ads to their own soy puppets on MGTOW creators YouTube and Twitter pages. Even funnier is they're terrified of the passport bro movement, the popularity of tradwives, and the growing popularity of the term "hitting the wall!" There's also screenshots from this forum. Here's the link
View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P6Ev4--8CUnaFvRVzBapKMt4QYLyNUYQ/view?usp=drivesdk

They basically admit to requesting redpill figures like Andrew Tate to be taken down.
@GeckoBus I'm tagging you because I think you could do a much better job at analyzing this.

More like department of Hoe land security
There's like a thousand of his clones of YT. If they really saw redpill as a threat, they all slowly would be removed from YT.
Andrew Tate already was.
It's fun because gov is targeting redpill copers. It's like a batttle between two retards
Fucking feds go kys (in euro truck simulator)
I can't understand everything but they will never can brainwash us to change mind
Even the glowniggerest of glowniggers will eventually get tired of suppressing us all day at the office and then coming back to their wives fucking negroes and spic drug dealers on their marital bed, and then taking their house and kids with full support of the feminist justice system.

Just like in the Fall of Rome, the centurions who persecuted christians day and night eventually got tired of being lied to and scammed by the senate scrimps and cucklords,

Soon, even the feds will have to face the fact that Marxism-Rodgerism has been lighting the path forward to all civilized peoples.

This is when we win.
We aspiER gents
Really shows how paranoid they're when they fear tradwives especially since they don't actually exist anyway.
Fuck none of my posts are on it
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