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who is on anti-depressants?



Nov 8, 2017
I want to give them another shot but lost my obama care. Ive been on trintelix before and it did a good job numbing my pain.(along with all other feelings). im going to order from india and dont think thats a medication available there.

just wondering what everyone else might be taking?

I hear Stretaline (zoloft) is a good choice, any others?

next step is the rope and i want to exhaust all possibilities before i get there
Do they even work?
took sertraline for years then it stopped working, now I am on paroxetine plus other 2 drugs as support

go to a medic
thank you for the reply, i dont like the idea of getting back on mental drugs but i want to really try EVERYTHING before taking the final step.
have you a diagnosis?
Why not smoke weed? tbh It got me out of depression 2 years ago
nausea said:
have you a diagnosis?

yes ive been to a psych and was prescribed trentillex last year but that is a very expensive drug and i no longer have insurance. psychs are also very expensive and just seemed to want to exrtact as much $$ as he could from my insurance w/o really caring if it was helping or not..

m looking into county services but dont wanna end up in the looney bin either.

Anonymous said:
Do they even work?

yes it did for me, but after i felt better the side effects were not worth it.   so i stopped taking the meds, now ive come full circle and am willing to put up with the side effects again if it makes me feel better.

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