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Discussion What are your standards for a girlfriend?

ideal standards:
-spiritually strong
-able to start her own small business
-patient but also doesn't take bullshit
-bit of a tomboy but not the low IQ autistic ones but also with a tint of gothic design to her that isn't slutty, the nostalgic 2000s soft goth with the short one eyed bangs covering
-doesn't need constant validation from men (that includes not posting nudes) or joins a specific meme group made by men for validation
-actually a loner and not a "teehee guys I'm a lonely"

since I'm subhuman, and females all the same with different variants

-fat absolutely slop
-good for one night stands or when ever I get horny
-dont care about body count at this point
-just a human cum dumpster
Not be taller than me, not be too normie or slutty, pref not black, young and of course not fat
4/10 physically (and I’m even willing to go lower than that possibly) and a good personality. Just not a cunt basically. I’m not a VolCel or StandardsCel.
• Virgin
• Has muscle mass
• Atheist
• Must be nice
• Must be willing to have sex at anytime
My standard are just be above 3/10, treat me well, and give me sec whenever I want. A virgin would be nice, but that’s impossible in this modern era.
Why would any incel have any standards at all for dating? I can understand standards for sex, since some women are so grotesque it would make one nauseous to have sex with them. But dating literally just means socializing. Why would anyone give up an opportunity to socialize with a foid, and at least develop some skills talking to women? The only real requirement I would understand is no old ladies, because old ladies are a completely different animal from young women. But other than that, I see no reason why one should have any standards whatsoever when it comes to dating women.
Sometimes you're just incompatible with someone, and you would just hurt them and damage your reputation if you were to date them with the wrong intention. It's stupid to date a woman just because she's a woman and you could, and what happens? You end up getting divorce raped or something.
Tbh i don't even need them now. All i want and need is normies and foids shut their fucking mouth about inkies
Large breasts
Preferably chubby too
(Preferences, I would have sex with any willing female adult)
In an ideal world:

- 5’2

- Young

- Light skinned Paki, Bengali or Afghan

- God fearing muslim

- Natural beauty without makeup

- Racist

- Innocent

- Virgin, 0 talking stages

- Physically fit

- Wears niqab

- Obeys me

- Adopts my interests

- Homebody

- Prefers winter

- Cooks and cleans

- Disgusted by any guy but me

- No social media

- Below 3 friends (all Muslim foids)

- Initiates and engages in intimacy

- Housewife or part time work from home

- Grateful with little

- Very little life experiences (first experiences will be with me)

- Only child

- Makes me laugh

- Innie and clean shaved

- Intelligent enough to have a meaningful conversation

- Nice feet with white toenails

- Introvert

- Intact hymen

- Hygienic

- Feeds me with her hands if I ask

- Her phone is my phone

- Strong relationship with father (I’ll substitute this position when married)

- No driving license

- Can’t leave the house without me

- Innate desire to feed orphans and stray cats

- Introduces me to her hobbies like anime
  • Alive
  • Biological female
  • Virgin
I am an earnest believer in looksmatch theory so I believe that the foid should have at least approximately:

-the same hair colour
-the same skin colour
-the same eye colour
-a similar facial structure

I think that is around the minimum 4 true love
Must have a vagina but nowadays you can’t tell who is what anymore
My standards are:
1. Must be a real woman(not a tranny abomination)
2. Must be slim and in good shape
3. Must have long hair
4. Must eat a healthy diet not lacking in any nutrients
5. Must be submissive and shy instead of dominant
6. Must have an ass(not like a skeleton)
My standards:
1. Loves me as a person
2. Would never cheat on me or abandon me unless I hurt her
3. Is immune to Chad and only wants to be with me. Would never look at Chad.
4. Is disgusted by cuckolding or NTR of any kind. Hates it with a full heart and would feel terrible if I cheated on her.
5. Gets turned on by monogamy (KEK :feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:)
6. Finds my penis satisfying in bed, or maybe even too big (lifefuel).
7. Doesn't have a massive bodycount. Anything under 5 or 6 is fine, assuming they were relationships and not one night stands/hookups.

My preferences (optional):
1. Is into anime
2. Is average looking or above average looking (I am willing to settle for an ugly foid if she still meets my standards. If I was presented with two foids who meet my standards but one of them is 2/10 and the other is 6/10 I would choose 2/10 because I know what it's like to be ugly, whether she is a foid with infinite SMV or not)
3. Ideally asian or white but I am willing to settle for other ethnicities even if they don't turn me on as much.

As we can see the woman describe above is not possible to exist. Women like that are not real. Every woman wants a tall and attractive man, something i or you gentlemen never will be. None of the standards I have are feasible in reality.

What I will actually get (if i slave away from 40 years until I status and moneymaxx)
1. Washed up bitch
2. Single mother (+ Tyrone's black spawn)
3. 30+ bodycount, complete slut; went through half of her college dorm, twice, during the peak of her 'crazy phase' and and when she was on a 'self-discovery journey'. She never saw me as a person when I was rotting and grinding in my dead-end job. I didn't exist to her until I became rich and able to give her an easy and effortless life, living off my money, and providing for her mulatto spawn.)
4. Not actually attracted to me.

Keep in mind that the above woman is maybe possible. Even if I betabuxx I'll probably won't even be able to pull that considering my manlet height and looks... :feelsbadman:
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