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Serious western countries' laws that are based?



Fat link fanboy
Sep 3, 2021
Idk much about other countries' laws but i'll go on talking about one law that I find i interesting.

now I'm from mena but I'm not strictly religious muslim so it's not because of Islam's policy with toilet clothing but if you ask me what law I like in the west that kind of works then that would be the one against indecent exposure.

imagine a foid taking her shit off in public. that's the most rapefuelish shit ever. as well as these new gen social media models (cough) whores it's like taunting other incels and messing with their minds with her clothig choices in public only to get herself some fame online.

acts against indecent exposure kind of limits a whore from reaching the point of completely naked or pussy flashing which is based, as well as punishing those whores for being whores by fines or jail. this is a public space you fucking whore. kids are everywhere. damn sometimes you think about mohammad, Idk I hate the guy but he is right by covering these toilets and making them look like ninjas or batmans
mohammad knew these hoes liked to show their asses to taunt incels and get chaduls to hump them.
one of the most disgusting feelings I get is when I see a foid hoeing in public by taking off some clothes, wearing very tight/sexy clothes or hoeing for Chad's attention.

yes I do fap to them when I come back home, but Idk how to describe that disgust I get when I see them in public. it's very taunting and almost provocative.

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