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Trueceltrait: you are unpopular even on this forun

nobody talks to me outside of public threads here so i can relate
I'm not too bothered about not being popular, I'm one of the oldest here so feel an outcast already.
i couldnt care less as well. pretty funny though, even this site mirrors real life. if you arent in one of the “cool” cliques your experience will be worse than the people that are
I don't have time to post a lot in this website, I'm wageslave
there is a group chat on here where messages and memes get exchanged
I'm not in that little gay club either, and I know most people in there are assholes. The forum is the only worthy place.
Yes they hate me on this forum and ban me many time
I would be more active but i feel ending up being annoying
I spend hours rotting with video games.. they keep me too preoccupied from this site
@Mentally lost cel
At least you are popular for me
Just post and see what hits, Sometimes your content is good and sometimes it doesnt bring much interest, Just share what your interested in, For example i like airplanes and helicopters, You may like house painting or buidling stuff dyi, We like different things because we were brought up in different ways, It forms our interests and what we are willing to face.
I know from a reliable source that there is a group chat on here where messages and memes get exchanged. Everyone got invited to it except for me. Nothing new for me that i dont get invited into group chats, but it still kinda hurts. And i know that the admin of this group chat, whose username starts with a "r" is reading this: Fuck you, i hope you die from cancer
kek, i dont think anyone has ever talked about me besides in just this post
just make ur own group and add people

thats what i once did and its fun
yeh nah too high inhib to do that, i cant stand being in group chats cuz i get nervous, i was just wondering if it was you
99% in here are worthless pieces of shit so idc
Just create one yourself theory
I’m hated and repulsive and disgusting everywhere I’ve went my lifw

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