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Poland's newborn births are at the lowest since the start of collecting data 100 years ago.



30+ years old khfl slavcel neetcel (13yrs+) virgin
May 2, 2018
Last news in 2023 was about our fertility being lowest since ww2 where people were dying at war while at age of peace feminism is killing even more Poles than Nazi Germany and Soviet Union combined, but "nobody" knew it would get even lower than that and in 2023 we had fertility rate at 1.18

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The spread of the worlds of men and women can be seen in the data on childlessness. The percentage of women in their 40s who do not have a child is approaching 30% in Poland and growing very strongly.


Forget to add Marriages are also dropping and are also at the lowest ever.
They desperately need a batch of pisslam rapefugees.

Bad goyims polanders
countries with more than 1.2 fertility rate have gained it by breeding migrants.

Polish foids are some of the biggest hoors ever
Poland is fucked
I'm sorry for Polish, but it's for OP

Jakie (nie)szczęście że płacę Szechterowi za Wybiórczą i spółkę. Krytyka Potyliczna również "trzyma poziom"

Tam to dopiero odloty mają lewaki, dlaczego młode kobiety nie rodzą i traktują mężczyzn (czyt. sub6) jak śmieci.
Besides Bulgaria, notice most orthodox countries breed a little bit more.
Note: every country in the world kidnaps newborns and sells them to Hollywood so that Kevin Spacey and George Soros can eat their brains and give the rest to the likes of Steven Speilberg and Jim Carrey as "pizza".
Why do people attribute the word 'trad' to countries like Russia and Poland? Russia is like even worse, 1 birth/foid.
The more LIBERAL a country is (I mean women's rights) the lower the birth rate...

Foids just wanna be sluts for well endowed chad and have fun licking each other's pussies...

They make horrible mothers anyways....they would frustrate real militant minded God gifted and created husband's with their fuckery...
Good. Kneel to BBC or die.
Why do people attribute the word 'trad' to countries like Russia and Poland? Russia is like even worse, 1 birth/foid.
They get falsely educated through the propaganda perpetrated the politicians or political commentators that never been living there, they never listen to common folks that were born and living there for over 30 years like me. Dumb normies

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