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Discussion Life satisfaction/happiness peaks in your teens/very early 20s. "bUt LiFe iS BeSt iN yOuR 30s!!1"

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Same around here, it makes the "any past time was better" hit real hard :feelshaha::cryfeels:
why do you worship foids?
people who get to old age are more at peace and stoic i guess?
They are when they know they lived well in their 20s and before that, they experienced everything in life, not in the case of an incel
It is the short man who declares the grapes on top of the vine sour
Id rather rope
For incels, the start of puberty to the end of your life is shit. That survey most likely only accounts for normies. Of course, they would've had their peak and good period, which were in their teens and 20s. I'm in my 20s, things are already shit, and will definitely get much more shittier.

I'd say my peak and other incel's peak would probably be before puberty. Not having to worry about anything, just playing games and watching cartoons.
Life begins at 16 and ends around 10 years later.
At 90 you're too insane to understand what's going on
Damn middle-age crisis is brutal... realizing you are turning into a corpse and you can do nothing about it... most miserable age
Maybe the truecels here who are truly blackpilled already had some sort of midlife crisis in their 20s.
Yeah I had pretty Much zero worries until 23. I was an incel but saw friends every week, it didn't Bother me that Much. Now I see My friends every 6-9 weeks. Its pretty brutal being Alone Every Day. At least I Have vidya and YouTube.
If you’re a total failure in your teens and/or have asshole parents, your 30s could potentially be better than your teens and 20s. Usually not, because you still have the baggage from your past, but it’s possible.
Early twenties are supposed to be those years when you have not too many responsibilities but perks of being an adult aka sex and dating and all the fun stuff normies get to do.
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people who get to old age are more at peace and stoic i guess?
That data comes from people with families, self actualized people with grandchildren who are content with a biologically successful life
If you fail at doing anything worthwhile or having a good time in general during your teens it's over. If you're a dumbass it's over. Most chadleys that do things like bullying will end up just fine and living a good life while you rot due to your trauma.
I always hear bluepilled humans say "if you peak in HS you will become a fat hobo later in life and if you're shoved in your lockers by jocks you'll become a successful billionaire CEO" because they watch so many retarded hollywood movies. They say your life is supposed to peak in your 30s or 40s when in reality your life is much worse at that age. Apparently your life is best in your teens/early 20s and is at a low point in your 40s. (for some odd reason they didn't ask youngsters under 15 about life satisfaction/happiness so who knows how happy their life is). Your best years are your teens/very early 20s and your best years won't return until you're a fucking elder.

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I was definitely happiest when I was younger and still had hope for life and didn’t really worry about or have meaningful problems. I had no idea how terrible life would really be.
Anxiety for normies: "Oh, I only had 10 gfs in my life, I am so depressed".
Do these people know what anxiety means?
I don’t even give a fuck when life gets better. Just let me die a painless fucking death.
Brutal agepill
I don't believe this. How tf is life more satisfying in your 80s when you're crapping your pants and your body is literally crumbling, than when you're a carefree child? :feelsmage:
Children are not carefree. Only happy people live to their 80s.
I know these are flawed studies because the only way octogenarians are that happy is because they're delusional about being octogenarians. Therefore, their happiness doesn't count. This study is counting happiness from people who shouldn't be happy. And therein lies the subjective nature of "ranking" one's happiness level.
Unhappy people die before they grow old. So old people are happier on average.
if my life peak is now I am royally, utterly, absolutely, for sure FUCKED
brootal agepill
interesting. I wonder what the mindsets of 60 year olds are like, since they suddenly become happy after 2 decades of depression
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Its only peaks if you have shit having stuff going for you

Not if your a rotter like most of us are
Unhappy people die before they grow old. So old people are happier on average.

What I'm saying is, why are they happy? Probably for reasons they shouldn't be.

To that you might say "Well who cares what their reasons are, so long as the happiness is genuine?" And that's fair and true. But what surveys like this are trying to say, and what the people who cite them are trying to say, is "Don't worry if you hate your life now, you're gonna be much happier when you get older." And my point is, no I fucking won't. Because the things these old people are happy about don't apply to me for one reason or another.

Again, don't just assume that when you get older you'll be happier. Ask yourself, what are the old people actually happy about? Now ask yourself if you actually care about that sort of thing. Like me, you might think those are stupid reasons to be happy.
just wait till you're 90 bro
people who get to old age are more at peace and stoic i guess?
It's because they're retired and just relaxing.
Teens and early 20s might be working, but they still have the safety net of their parents so less stressful.
30s and 40s are when people are wagecucking the hardest.
Being 20 and seeing rotting is insane actually
I was diagnosed with depression in my teens and tried to kill myself a few times. The number once source of my unhappiness was and still is school.

The bastard school teachers don't care at all that they leave you with no time for your hobbies, or just to relax. They have no issue that maintaining your GPA, getting good college entrance exam scores, extra circulars, etc... leave you with no time to rest and take time off for yourself. If a student develops poor mental health from trying to maintain all of this, the schools are completely indifferent.

That and I had a Mom who yelled and was vicious towards me, in order to have me get good grades.

During my teens, I couldn't turn anywhere to get a break. The school tortured me for reasons listed above, and Mom was horrible to me at home. My only safe refuge was the kickboxing studio, but as prior mentioned, the schools absolutely do not care if they leave you with no time for your hobbies by forcing you to jump through their academic hoops. I had to be absent from kickboxing for weeks just to keep up with school, my only safe refuge where I could relax and be myself.

My teen years flushed down the drain for the education cult.
peak in your 90s theory
I wanna be a fucking elder already. No obligations, fucking with random grandmas at the nurse home and touching the nurses’ asses without them saying anything to me because I’ll just be a senile old man. Grandmas won't care if my dick works or not because they just want to feel like whores again once their pussies have turned into roast beef after 80+ years of fucking chads and birthing 739183917738173781738 children, so they will definitely have sex with me. And if they don’t, my libido will be lower anyways so who fucking cares, I just really want to be an old man.
Life gets good, when you've got a handle on things, for Truecels it will never happen.

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