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Inches, listen to Halloween by Kodak Black.



Nov 8, 2017
Great song, always puts me in a good mood when I'm feeling down. (don't watch the music video the song sounds weird for some reason.)'

edit: title meant to say incels*
inb4 you get banned for listening to normie music
SiteFasterThanLookism said:
inb4 you get banned for listening to normie music

It's not really normie music.
thanks for the heads up my dead. im feeling this
good music, kodak would be incel if he wasn't a thug
incelkingkong said:
good music, kodak would be incel if he wasn't a thug

No doubt. He's a manlet with frog eyes.
Does this mean personality matters though?

View: https://youtu.be/LSqTbP9OfOg?t=3


Aspie John was a 5'2 ethnic male from Brew City. He had previously lived with mother, though the two experienced a sudden cessation of government benefits upon Aspie John reaching adulthood. His mother, disgusted by her autistic and chronically anxious son, informed him that he was to leave upon reaching adulthood, so Aspie John left his home when the time for moving came. He boarded a bus and traveled for several hours to another country, during which an elderly Sicilian woman criticized him for sitting near her(This woman later pointed to him and started denigrating him with a friend as he exited the bus).

Aspie John first slept in Target bathrooms. Then, after encountering security, Aspie John slept on benches outside. He had little money and bought bananas with coins he had available, resulting in a bundle of bananas he had, which he disposed of after another male spat on him while he was sitting on a bench. He awoke one morning, and a passing couple looked at Aspie John and responded with "Don't do that" as he attempted to greet them. He spent his mornings walking to the nearby Target restroom so he could clean his body. Aspie John would ignore the other homeless males doing similar acts as well as the masked Target employees cleaning.

Aspie John visited a local church for their shelter connection system(During this time, another male started hitting his head while he was napping on a bench covered with his coat) and started staying at a local Christian shelter, though he soon left due to rodents and shared sleeping spaces. As he was sitting outside on one occasion, a car of staff members drove by and noticed his presence. They remarked "I was wondering why I didn't see him at the shelter" while laughing. He was also kicked out of the shelter after being promised space. A female passerby noted "He must be living on the streets" at this time. A day later, Aspie John is waiting on a local train platform when a tall White male approaches him and, angry at Aspie John's inability to greet him, tells him, "Sup Nigguh. You make all the fat girls faint. Keep your shirt on".

Aspie John was visiting the shelter connection room daily, when he was told of an opening in a local youth shelter. This shelter was in the Northern part of his new country, so Aspie John called the shelter and prepared for travel. He was given a bus token, and boarded the 5B Metro Transit bus to his new shelter. He waited outside and was let in at 6:00 PM for entry. His new case manager referred him to an emergency bed, and then moved him into a single-person room the next day. His new case manager, Tall White Germanic, informed the other youth of his ASD affliction.

Thus, Aspie John spent several days adjusting to the new shelter, when he met a tall Black male named Aaron. Aaron started smirking at Aspie John and laughing at him with his friends. As Aspie John was cleaning himself one morning, Aaron's roommate opened the door and witnessed Aspie John's naked body. He then quickly left and Aaron came into the bathroom, laughing and taking pictures of his naked body("Aspie John is small!").

After two weeks, Aaron and his shelter friends started sitting outside of Aspie John's room door each night, playing very loud "Rap" music. They would also throw dice at his door and speak about it loudly("I rolled a six!").

Aspie John started leaving the shelter every other day to sit outside(Often with bags of food as his only meal for the day). While inside, he'd focus on preparing to move into a local apartment using the country's GRH fund and would visit freelancing sites for relief from his situation.

Aspie John was, by this point, spending most of his time in his commune room, sitting on commune computers, or simply sitting outside to eat with food bags he prepared. He was too anxious and weak to visit the downstairs kitchen often since the other youth would snicker and move away from him. He started fantasizing about the different recipes he would make after he had moved into an apartment. He was too disabled to attend job interviews despite his resume.

One night, Aspie John slept in his shelter room earlier than usual during the winter. He started sleep-talking about sexual fantasies he had since childhood, resulting in the shelter males standing outside his door laughing. This woke up Aspie John and caused him to curl into a ball, sweating and covered with fluids. Another shelter male quickly reported Aspie John and said "Aspie John's getting kicked out". Aspie John spent the next few days in his room as males would walk past and laugh at him(The males would make statements such as "Damn baby!", "Oh!", "You don't like women riding?"). The male who reported him said, "Looks like we have a mouse in the house"(Aspie John would wrap a belt and blanket around himself to control his sexual behavior).

On the day Aspie John left, foids and males started gossiping about him, snickering and laughing. He carried a large bag into sleet around 9:00 PM and traveled to a bus for travel.
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