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I Peed In A Doctor's Face



Nov 13, 2017
Hello All,

I'm a reddit refugee, glad to see this place exists.

Title says it all. I had it all sorted out. I scouted out a stacie doctor on the net. A urologist of course. I called and made an appointment for phimosis. (which is tight foreskin, a condition I happen to have) 

Before my appt. I chugged 2 and a half monsters, I made sure I had a very full bladder. 

I'm squirming in the waiting room and getting weird looks from the receptionist. Finally, they call my name, a blonde in her 20s takes my weight and blood pressure. She sits me down on the crunchy paper covering the exam chair and asks me the reason for my visit.

I go ice white right  then and I felt like I was gonna pass out because i had never talked to a girl about my penis before. I told her my foreskin was tight. She types it in her laptop and tells me the doctor will be right with me.

she wrote it down in her laptop, smiled and left. 

My heart is pounding and my mind is racing with doubt and worry about what I'm about to do. Meanwhile, I'm on the verge of pissing my pants, I'm squeezing my muscles as hard as I can to keep it in.

Finally, the doctor appears. the nurse follows her with a clipboard in her hands.  It's almost like out of a movie, the doctor is tall with dark brown hair and an easy look in her eyes. My head is spinning and I know she's asking me about why I'm there but it sounds so distant. She smells like raspberries. my mind must be on autopilot because I manage to mumble the word phimosis. 

After a few more questions, she asks to take a look. 

I rarely go to the doctor and when I have gone for physicals it has always been a man that did the turning head and cough, etc. So you can imagine showing my penis to a girl is something I've only dreamed of.

I stand up, unsteady on my feet. I brace myself with the side of the exam chair. My hands are shaking like crazy and then the snap of the doctor's gloves cut through my ears like a red hot knife. I yank my pants and my underwear down to my ankles. I lift my shirt up to reveal myself completely, the pressure of the liquid in my bladder is now screaming to be released. The doctor squats on her haunches and takes my penis in her gloved fingers. Her cleavage is spilling from her blouse at this point and I'm having trouble concentrating. I can feel the tingle all through my penis and I know that the dams are going to burst as soon as I stop clenching. My watery eyes dart to the nurse in the corner who is looking at my member with a smile on her face. 

The doctor is gently pulling back my foreskin now. I squeeze my eyes shut hard and imagine I am at home on my toilet. I relax then and peer down at the doctor. Her eyes weren't on my member then, but instead on the nurse as she was relaying some information. It was perfect timing. My urine shot out with such force that I hear it make impact with her eyes and mouth like it were the spray of a hose hitting concrete. She screamed and half threw my penis from her hands as she fell backwards, turning as she fell and scrambling away to the back of the room like she was in a horror movie and being attacked by the killer. She dry heaved a few times and spit up on the linoleum.

The nurse's clipboard clattered to the floor. She was just standing there with her hand over her mouth, eyes staring at me in stunned silence. 

The doctor was staring at me with a look of shock and anger on her face, the urine in her hair dripping from the ends and staining her white coat yellow. Only then did I realize that there may be serious consequences for what I had done. 

I started apologizing profusely, telling her I had a bladder issue and I had gone before I had come and didn't expect this to happen. She just looked so angry, she ran out of the room and went to the bathroom presumably to clean herself. 
I took this as my cue to get the fuck out of there, I pulled up my pants and ran like hell out of the office, down three flights of stairs, through the double doors, got in my car and drove away. 

This was like three days ago and I haven't heard anything from them. I'm hoping they just understand and let it go. Accidents do happen after all.
jfl if that is true


jfl if it is not, too
Bahahahaaha, this is hilarious even though you're probably LARPing.

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