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Do you hate men or do you hate women?

Do you hate

  • men more

    Votes: 16 12.1%
  • or women more?

    Votes: 48 36.4%
  • I hate both equally

    Votes: 68 51.5%

  • Total voters
So I posted in a reaction thread about how I abhor male nature, and it got me thinking. Do I hate men? Do I hate women? To whom does the blame be laid upon for our society? What are your thoughts upon it and do you hate each sex equally?

Female nature is a sort of ruthless sexual selection process when it can be observed. All women will go after one guy who happens to be the most brutish, tall, masculine, awful person, because he contains the code that will make her sons like that; her sons will be in with chance to be that one guy that all women breed with (sexy son hypothesis). Women responses to stimuli are entirely emotional. It's all feelings with the female cognition. Woke historians will want you to believe that the reason there are so few female scientists is because of laws barring women from academia, but if you have experienced female nature, perhaps you tried to discuss blackpill with a woman, you know it's more likely because logic doesn't mean anything to women. If women feel something, then to them it is something, the evidence, logical propositions do not matter (e.g. femcels). The most brutal part of female nature can only be seen in young women; women have a dual mating strategy and begin a transition in behavior around twenty five.

Since women respond overly to emotions and struggle with logic, the leftwing can promise more will be done about their feelings of insecruity when walking back to their hotel drunk at night after being pounded in the club bathrooms, or their worry when they didn't take the morning after pill on time, and the leftwing can keep their vote. (A great moment in this post to remind ourself how much of an awesome move it was to let women vote. We really knocked it out of the ballpark with that one.)

Male nature is characterized a sort of ruthless desperation and pragmatism. Men are willing to throw their friendships under the bus for the chance at pussy. Not even relationships that are decades old are safe. The male sex-drive is an endless goldmine that's been used and abused since World War, Marylone Monroe, cheerleaders, strippers, porn industry, dating apps, OnlyFans. Men take what they can get, often producing the trickle-down effect where Chad marrys a Becky, a HTN will date a LTB, etc, taking from men less advantaged then them.

It is male nature that gives women their complete domination over dating in our modern times.

Strangely, there is overlap between the behaviors of young women and Chads. I believe the reason behind this overlap is abundance: both young women and Chads can have sex with each other at the drop of a hat. Incels and normies don't have abundance, so these behaviors aren't seen that much. One of the behaviors that young women and Chads exhibit is vanity. A part of their lifestyle is taking photographs of themselves. I have, maybe, three pictures of myself ever.

I do not group my fellow blackpilled inceilibates into 'men'. I'm reaching a point where talking to non-blackpilled men is exhausting, even small talk. But I am interested to know what gender you hate more.
DnD rd kys faggot I hate other men
You filthy gentiles will never get to touch a pussy :feelsLSD:
And anybody who dares to call them "lady" without quotation marks should be banned.
How r u incel and are this thin skinned? It's just a word, replace it in your own mind if you must. That's what I do when I read things I think are misnomers.

I could have wrote foid, but I wasn't in a mood when I wrote this.
Some men are okay. No women are.
The mfs who put I hate men should be banned
I hate minorities, especially Jews, more than femoids. I see femoids the same was as I see Iraq vets; their brains are twisted around into something inhuman by the system. Granted, I still hate foids and Iraq vets, as most of both of these groups actively refuse to change for the better, especially foids.
If a man is a bitch he's a bitch if a woman is s bitch he's a bitch, I hate everyone who treats me bad equally
Gender traitors get the rope.
How r u incel and are this thin skinned? It's just a word, replace it in your own mind if you must. That's what I do when I read things I think are misnomers.

I could have wrote foid, but I wasn't in a mood when I wrote this.

Only a Boomer would use a term like that to describe the female organism of the human species, and Boomers should be banned on sight.
I don't hate either. I hate God/chance/genetics for making me unlovable.

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