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Blackpill Did you play any sports as a teenager ?

Nope. I always hated sports and thought they were a waste of time. Besides, I was too skinny and too much of a sperg to ever be good at it
I learnt freestyle and backstroke swimming betwe the ages of 12-15 and wanted to be a professional Swimmer tbh but my coach straight up told me I would never be able to compete at state levels due to my manletism(5'8) and that other tallfags who were 6'0 plus had much better chance of being selected for state level competitions as Swimmers need to be tall.

I was heartbroken tbh. What was me learning all that worth ? My parents should have put in Freestyle or Greco Roman wrestling or any other sport where height doesn't matter. One of the most blackpilling experiences of my life.
no i havnt since like kindergarten

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