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NSFW British inmate beaten up for allegedly assaulting a woman

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Deleted member 8499

Deleted member 8499

Jun 1, 2018
I am truely sick of this world. Apparently there are whiteknight soyboys and there there are whiteknight criminal scumbags.
Torturing someone for assaulting a woman but at the same time there are people who have commited crimes 10 times more serious that don't get this treatment.

There should be prisoners who fuck up whiteknights and rapist faggots.
Daily reminder: most alpha males are white knight feminist cucks
Daily reminder: most alpha males are white knight feminist cucks
They were raised by single mom whores. With your tax money.
I hope those whiteknight cunts rot in prison forever or get shanked in prison.

"How dare you hit a femail" says the retard who probably set fire to a building or killed another man in cold blood.
those men deserve to have their hands chopped off tbh allegedly do they not know what that means well its in Britain what do you expect
UK has to be the most cucked country in the whole universe tbh.
These are the kind of people I wouldn't be sorry for if they were raped and cut into pieces by savages.

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