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An introduction to the Sex Cult



Dec 31, 2022
1d 9h 58m
This is an excerpt from a much larger post of mine that I've shared with other incel communities. The larger post is well over 100,000 characters and I am having trouble to format it and get it through to this forum. However, the Sex Cult chapter is of the most relevance.

Case Study of a Pseudoreality - The Sex Cult

'The Sex Cult' is an umbrella term that refers to a dispersed loosely connected network of individuals who arguably have their origin as a social structure traced back to the late 19th century. Although there is a generally superordinate Sex Cult, there have also been numerous episodes of mass psychotic decompensation related to sexual matters that may or may not be directly linked to the superordinate Sex Cult. Note that the Sex Cult is concerned primarily with 'human trafficking' and 'child pornography', they are not to my knowledge involved with the moral panics that have been related to homosexuals.

The Sex Cult has been identified as consisting primarily of a network of feminists and evangelical Christians:

As an aside, note that when groups converge like this it is typically best thought of in terms of netwar:

This characterization is to my knowledge primarily correct, however those who are neither feminist nor evangelical Christians are believers in the pseudoreality of the Sex Cult. The earliest knowledge I have of such a network that engaged in such mannerisms is traced back to the late 19th century:'s_Christian_Temperance_Union

Personally, I think of them as being in this manner:


As a slight aside, I should mention pizzagate just toward completeness, however I do not believe that pizzagate is properly considered as a part of the Sex Cult, though there may be some mixing between these pseudorealities at this point:

As I said, there have been numerous outbreaks of pseudoreality in relation to these matters, and it is therefore hard to create a single cohesive picture of any given segment of the pseudoreality of the Sex Cult (or to even identify a discrete Sex Cult). It is similar to traditional religion however, in that although there are many variants and some of them are largely unrelated to each other, they still have belief in the same general themed make believe fantasy world. An example of one episode that I am uncertain of its integration into the broader outbreak of mass psychosis:

Note the striking similarities between this outbreak and a related outbreak that happened in the same general time period in the United States:

Keeping this satanic ritual abuse episode in mind:

Note the name Judianne Densen-Gerber:

This links the outbreak of psychosis regarding satanic ritual sex abuse to the modern era Sex Cult, which is in similar fashion.

There is a complex pseudoreality in relation to the Sex Cult, however it involves the same rough make believe fantasy world:


cites this paper

cites nothing. It is false to allege that there is a booming multi billion dollar CP industry. More realistic estimates would value the commercial CP industry at no more than a few million dollars, and it is a small and weak industry that is typically concentrated to small groups of individuals.

As you can see, the largest commercial CP operation known to ICE from 2006 to 2007 made only in the area of 5 to 8 million dollars, despite operating just shy of 100% of known commercial CP sites. Of course there may be unknown sites selling CP, and there is some commercial activity more in the style of the drug forums where people may purchase it on forums or so on (this is extremely rare), so the number will be higher than five to eight million dollars during this time period, but only by a few million dollars in all probability. Moreover,

The previously mentioned ring supplied only 30,000 customers around the world, despite operating nearly 100% of known commercial CP sites during this time period (however there have been numerous other commercial CP operations at various times, including some that raped and tortured children for money. However, this one was in all probability the most lucrative ever and lasted for a few years). This pales in comparison to the P2P situation, which doesn't even take the darknet into consideration:

Note that this was an analysis of only two popular P2P networks, and as far as I could tell (I am not 100% for sure) they only spidered shared folders and such things, so this number of identified individuals on these P2P networks could be much smaller than the number of people who were actually using them to look at CP. Also note that this doesn't take the darknet or any other such sites into consideration. So, although the numbers are inherently fuzzy, it is apparent that commercial CP is a drop in the bucket compared to noncommercial activity. Also it is worth noting that the previously mentioned commercial ring primarily (possibly exclusively) distributed old content that was produced in eastern Europe years prior to their operation, so the payment to them was not necessarily funding the production of child pornography.

Moreover, LS and BD produced primarily softcore imagery and some videos a substantial percentage of which consisted of pubescent adolescent females.

However, this reality of the matter is in stark contrast to the pseudoreality of the Sex Cult:

The United Nations is in fact a central hub of operation for the Sex Cult:

New chapters of the Sex Cult are seemingly moving away from the pseudoreality in which there is a booming multi billion dollar CP industry, however numerous chapters of the Sex Cult still believe in it:

from 2016:

Of course there is no credit due to them for the collapse of the multi billion dollar CP industry seeing as it never actually existed. However, they have successfully defeated the 8 million dollar CP industry that was operated by a dozen people in Eastern Europe and operated nearly 100% of all commercial CP sites known to ICE in its time period.

Essentially, this is the mental model of the Sex Cult:


Another key tenet of the Sex Cult is their belief in the supply demand hypothesis:

A notion that has been scientifically refuted and contradicted by the scientifically supported substitution hypothesis:

iyo33sgu9wgc5ylcwxxw.gif CP possessors.pdf


Another tenet of the Sex Cult is the concept of revictimization:

Which is of course a delusional superstition:

and a false association between the action of viewing of CP and the orthogonal symptomatology of PTSD:

Much in the manner that the possession of voodoo dolls was falsely linked to the symptomatology of ergot poisoning in Salem:





The Sex Cult also has a substantial collection of pseudoscience that they frequently make reference to:

Of course numerous special interest groups have exploited this pseudoreality toward their benefit:

As an aside, a note regarding the hopeless nature of the CP moral panic:

The Sex Cult has diverted substantial public resources into the maintenance and construction of their make believe fantasy world, though the majority of adherents to the Sex Cult simply believe it is actual reality:

Of course I should not neglect in covering the human trafficking component of the Sex Cult, though admittedly I am less familiar with it:

Presenting the adherents to the Sex Cult with evidence of the false nature of the reality they believe in is very largely a fruitless endeavor (due to their anosognosia):

Indeed, the pseudoreality of the Sex Cult is even substantially larger than this, however this is a general overview of the matter.


I read all of it. That's impressive ,OP.

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