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All incels are the victim of genetic rape. It should be legal to sue parents.



Nov 17, 2017
Knowingly foisting subhuman genetics upon an innocent child is genetic assault.

This is the work of hypergamous humanlets who taint Chad blood with their subhuman latitudinally-challenged, cognitively etiolated, aesthetics-disabled shitgenes. They must pay the price.

Incels should be legally allowed to sue their parents as retribution for the suffering they have experienced. Not only does inferior genetics deteriorate your capacity to accumulate social connections, it negatively impacts an individual's ability to participate in formal education, employment, and makes it difficult for them to have equal access to human rights such as housing (due to not having the pecuniary means or being discriminated against due to looks).
dardycunt said:
[font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]subhuman latitudinally-challenged, cognitively etiolated, aesthetics-disabled shitgenes[/font]

I know we aren't on reddit anymore but holy shit you just went iamverysmart
genetic recombination
Parents are complicit in the damage they do to their innocent spawn. That kid has no idea what’s in store for him. And it’s all because his selfish, trash genetic, and low IQ parents wanted something to fill their worthless life.
We are the only true rape victims of society.
throwzo said:
I know we aren't on reddit anymore but holy shit you just went iamverysmart

English isn't my first language and I dc about using it properly at this point.

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