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LifeFuel A Thread for Books

How to be alone forever
Its a free book made by a Anonymous, you can get this book here

one of the most depressing books I've read. especially the part where he was a 50yo virgin orphan, buying himself a Bday cake at a supermaket, saying a meaningless hello to the shelf stocker.

so many parts are relatable:
how foids only talked to him to scam him, like that drink scene
how the foids he knew always had a BF
him working a dead end job despite going to some course
his personal project and how no one cared about it.

even his 50yo time traveler self couldn't change jack shit.
Nice, I just finished "Whatever" by the same author. The one you mentioned is next on my list
Whatever sucks bigtime. I found it to be unreadable.
Height Hacking
Jeff Nipard's Hypertrophy Program
1) The Bible.
2) Books of medicinal plants.
3) Oblomov (by Ivan Goncharov).
4) The taming man (by Esther Vilar).
5) Good habits (by Fumio Sasaki).
6) The secret garden (by Frances Burnett).
7) Anne the green-glazed one (by L. Montgomery).

The Book of leadership and strategy : lessons of the Chinese masters

by Huai-nan tzu

Mein kampf- Adolf Hitler

The communist manifesto- Karl Marx & Friedrich Angels

Aesop's Fables- by Aesop

Meditations- By Marcus Aurelius

I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison

Utopia- by Thomas Moore

The 48 laws of power- by Robert Green

The holy bible KJV

The wealth of nations- by Adam Smith

1984- By George Orwell

The satanic Bible- By Anton szandor Lavey

The Annalects- by Confucius

The Xunzi- by Xunzi

Might is right- by Ragnar Redbeard

The constitution of the united states of America

The Nicomachean ethics- by Aristotle

The republic- by Plato

on the metaphysics of morals- by Immanual Kant

The koran

The Dao de ching- Lao tzu

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life- by Charles Darwin
The Road. Fun read it
American Epidemic: High Maintenance Women
Treasure Island was very fun to read.
I love all Robert Greene books. Not only for the red pills and the helpful advice, but also for learning about the lives of different historical figures.

My top would be this :
1) Laws of Human Nature
2) 48 laws of power
3) laws of Mastery
4) laws of seduction
5) 50th law.
6) laws of war. The only one that's kind of a skip because it won't be that useful for most people.
Witness the pure soy of mine! I don't precisely mean what I say - but it is nice to be possessed by an even more (and sometimes less) autistic spirit of the hyper-"rationalist" Orthodox Jew Yudkowsky.

HPMOR is an immortal masterpiece of human dignity and an everlasting paean to the Faustian Spirit

AUG 21, 2023
Reading HPMOR has been a life-changing experience to me. Never before could I have imagined a book so dense in information (fully expected), but also... so explosively funny, so endearingly romantic, and so mind-bogglingly easy to read! I confess, never in a million years would I have expected Yudkowsky (that one dusty high-IQ blogger) to profess such a powerful religious message of reaching the stars, of pursuing the high morality of battling and defeating suffering for ever, of elevating the human kind beyond what is deemed possible!

HPMOR is a sci-fi book. And probably to the offense of Harry Potter fans, I don't even consider acknowledging the canon original to be of any import whatsoever (aside from a few amusing references). This is a book of the same caliber as Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke - an exploration into superhumanity, effectively presenting a messenger from the future into our mundane, parochial, cruel present. Or even some hopeful progressivism akin to that of the Bolshevik Strugatski Brothers' universe of Noon - with its boundless belief in progress, its trust in the good seeds in the human soul, its veneration of life as a gift not yet properly understood.

I cannot internalise it how anyone can hate this book. It appalled me when I discovered such a sentiment online (I should go back to under my rock, methinks). And the funny thing is that I disagree with many of Yudkowsky's postulates. I don't think morality to be as objective or conducive to civilisation as a pursuit of cold-hearted efficiency at any cost. I don't even agree with the squib metaphor. And I would rather have gone for the Mark Twain Yankee's ending, sombre mysticism. Yet nevertheless, I can respect and enjoy this leap of faith, this somewhat naïve and clear yea to life in all its endearing glory. Even though I happen to be Yudkowsky's vehement ideological enemy!

This secondary creation is absolutely marvelous. It feels akin to wearing glasses for the first time. Everything and everyone is sharper than fiction, more blood-curdling than life itself. In computer gamer terms, this is a total conversion mod - something that leaves the original behind as a forgotten step in evolution. And the tears! Everyone in Yudkowsky's novel cries - due to understanding the others and oneself. It is a self-insert of an autistic archetype à la myself if I ever saw one... And I will credit Yudkowsky with building such heroes which for once I did not shy away from empathising with - to the darkest depths of madness, and the highest pinnacles of glory.

All I can say is - magic. It's been a magical summer for me. Magical ten days (Aug 1-12). And Yudkowsky will curse my name, yet I have proven magic's existence in our world. And I have finally suffered, finally touched my inner self in this most sublime of emotional educations. Before AI brings an end to our travails, transfiguring our wanton ugliness into a myriad myriads glimmering paperclips :)


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Can you explain what "high E" means instead of replying with a one-liner consisting of dumb emojis? I'm not insisting but wtf.
High e
“Tender is the flesh” by Agustina Bazterrica was a really good book and I highly recommend if you have a strong stomach. The book have a lot of gruesome parts and if you can’t read that kind of stuff without throwing up, I don’t suggest you read it.
I've been reading a lot of arthur schopenhauer and emil cioran
On the heights of despair by Emil Cioran is a nice non-fiction book
Dunno's Adventures series. :bigbrain:
The trouble with being born
The history of Rome
The Aeneid
The Illiad
The conspiracy against the human race


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  • The History of Rome - Titus Livius.pdf
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