You're not worthy of this because you were born sub-par in the wrong goddamned time


Borderline ethnic thought criminal oldcel
May 2, 2018
I had to be born somewhere, I had to be born somehow; what worse place than the west, what worse time than now?
Aug 18, 2018
Me and my grandfather look alike and I’m taller than him. He’s been married for 55 years and I’m jerking my dick to hentai.
Have you considered getting a haircut :feelskek:. Seriously though, incels aren’t some new phenomenon that sprung up after Tinder was created. All throughout history there have been men who women deemed unfit to breed with to the point where even being a betabuxx wasn’t an option for them. If we roll it back even further, before men could use currency and social status to cheat the system, inceldom was running rampant

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