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Blackpill Women will settle for men they have zero sexual attraction to. And that's the only reason any ugly men have a dating life.

Agreed. Fuck ´m anyways.
I don´t create threads as often on women, cause Im Truly done with them.
It goes Chad > geomaxx (pseudo-Chad) > LDAR/prostitutemaxx >>> betabuxx cuck

There's literally no point in even bothering if you can't find any females that are sexually attracted. You are a wallet, an ATM, and she will drain you much worse than any prostitute would.
25% of the male population completely giving up on love will have catastrophic economic consequences.

25%? It's already more than that now.

And if you're talking about Gen Alpha, it will be far beyond 50% at that point.
Pretty depressing, isn't it? If you're too ugly or short, you get ignored and rejected in your teens and twenties. Then, the best you can look forward to in your 30s and beyond is some glorified prostitute settling for you and treating you like shit because she resents having settled.

Rebel against society and leechmaxx
Pretty depressing, isn't it? If you're too ugly or short, you get ignored and rejected in your teens and twenties. Then, the best you can look forward to in your 30s and beyond is some glorified prostitute settling for you and treating you like shit because she resents having settled.
This is straight way to dead bedrooms.
In order to have sex, you need to attracted to someone at least on minimum level.
thats not always the case
usually wifes are feeling disgust from their husbands but they dont have a choice
I mean, I would also date someone I had zero sexual attraction to if sex is at least possible and I'm not actively repulsed by their looks or their smell. But yeah, these transactional settlings are often dishonest, that's why I dislike them.
Here's a delicious licorice-flavored pill for ya:
Women are only "less visual than men" the same way a prostitute is. They often date and marry men they have zero sexual attraction to, and that's the only reason the bottom 50% of the male population aren't lifelong virgins!

Oh sure, "uGlY gUyS gEt GiRLs AlL tHe TiMe", but they're transactional "relationships". It's not real attraction on her part, and once the brief honeymoon period is over, the misery starts. Women who date ugly guys are basically dishonest prostitutes misleading the guy into thinking they're "in love" with him. And they KNOW they're prostituting themselves for whatever benefit they seek to gain from him, which is why they end up resenting him and treating him the way they do. But these are the only women ugly guys can get, the transactional types.

It's better to stay single than be settled for. I can fucking PROMISE you that! I've seen the results so many times over the years, watching the shit all my non-Chad friends put up with. I've also watched my female friends whore themselves to non-Chads and seen how THAT shit plays out, too. Settling relationships are almost always toxic, and the guy is miserable. High divorce risk, high cheating risk, dead bedrooms, CONSTANT "shit testing" and picking fights, constant disrespect, and the list goes on. Plus the girl has excessive demands and expectations in an attempt to compensate for his physical appearance, but it's never enough and she ends up treating him like shit anyways, regardless of his herculean efforts to satisfy her.

And the fuckest thing to me is how totally DIFFERENT relationships are for my good looking friends. I've even seen the same girl date a non-Chad friend, then a Chad friend after, and treat each guy VERY differently. With Chad, she's a sweetheart, loyal, often BUYING HIM SHIT, and literally the picture of romantic love we've all been sold. Storybook romance type shit. But Chad doesn't appreciate what he has and treats her like garbage, so he eventually gets dumped. With Beta Billy or Poindexter the Omega, she acts like an entitled prostitute, treats sex like a business arrangement, gives him attitude, makes unreasonable demands, never does anything for him, disrespects him every chance she gets, and so on. She's not sexually attracted to him and tries to fill that MASSIVE HOLE in the relationship by making excessive demands, but has no respect for him at all, as women simply cannot respect a man they're settling for.

The PUA and Redpill community is mostly the type of men women settle for and prostitute themselves to, which is why they think "all women" behave this way. But the biggest blackpill is they don't, not with Chad. The same girl who treats you like garbage is a total sweetheart with a guy whose taller with a better jawline and full head of hair. I simply cannot recommend that ugly men get married. Being single sucks and loneliness is an absolute bitch, but it's better than what that girl who finally ends up settling for you has in store for you.
This is the one thing I am really afraid of. I would honest rather be an Inkwell for my entire life than be settled for.
One solution for this is to be completely emotionally unattached to the foid and generally willing to seek out other women outside of your marriage. She is there to provide you pleasure and kids, she doesn't kick her ass to the curb.
You know before you post something like this have a look if it already exists in some form. Because this is water.
But it is useful for greycels

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