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Blackpill Woman trains dogs to have sex with other women dogpill



An alcoholic
Jun 25, 2022
Source: https://www.vice.com/en/article/yv54e7/training-a-dog-to-have-sex-with-humans
The Woman Who Trains Dogs to Have Sex with Humans

Meet Anna, a mature Ukrainian prostitute who doesn't seem at all upset about her job.

Meet Anna, a Ukrainian prostitute who is originally from Odessa but currently lives and thrives in the sex-for-money business in Holland. After I met her in an online porn chatroom, she started telling me all sorts of things about her life—like how she had got to Holland, what makes Russian clients worse than others, and why adorable puppies live in her cottage in Rotterdam.Anna: I've been working as a prostitute for over 30 years now. For the first 15 years I worked in Ukraine and then I migrated to Holland. Soon after we got married, my husband caught me in bed with another man. Realizing I was prone to this sort of behavior, he decided to use my body to further his own career. So I began to get intimate with his bosses and later with his business partners.It was my husband who got the money—I never laid eyes on it. His career development was rapid. I'm not with him any more, but to this day he's still involved in the illegal gun and petroleum trades. He's a very well-to-do person in Ukraine.

When did you guys break up?

As soon as I left for Holland. The owner of the brothel I work for now used to have a stake in my ex-husband's business. They exchanged me for the guy's part of my ex-husband's company

I have no idea how much my value would be in Pound Sterling. I do know they both benefited greatly from this exchange. That's how my husband began signing arms contracts with the Arabs. And to think it all began as a joke. I had already had sex with my future owner and he had taken me to the East several times, as his escort. He let a throng of Arabs have sex with me—and they tend to like kinky sex, mostly anal. I also love it.

I didn't mind being traded, either. My husband got absorbed in his business and could hardly find any time to spend with me. My parents were aware of the situation and they stood by him. Friends of mine didn't care much, they supported that decision too, some even joined our brothel later on.

I don't really know what to say.
I can give the job up any time I want, but I don't intend to—I enjoy it. Sex with animals, BDSM, gang bangs, anything goes—I just like fucking.

About the dogs, where do you get them from? Do they live in the club? Are they especially trained to have sex with people?
There are special dog farms in many countries that train dogs to do just that. I know at least two of the kind in Russia. I personally work as a trainer in such farms in Germany, Belgium, and Sweden. They employ me to help the dogs get used to the human female. After about half a year of concentrated effort, the dogs fuck like devils and I love it. Of course these special dogs aren't cheap at all. I also have two dogs living in my cottage and they have never fucked with other dogs, only with humans. Often the clients will bring dogs of their own, these are of course trained dogs, too. They bring the dogs to the brothel?
No, only talks and presentations take place in our club. The rest happens at the clients'. They all are well-heeled and have huge houses. There are dog enclosures and special basements for BDSM.

What are your duties?
The average client of our club is a VIP, lots are from television. It's fun to get to see what they are all worth. We have reckless four-hour, 16-people orgies. Sometimes I'm hired as a "bitch." I have to stand on all fours and let dogs fuck me. I'm up for anything except for scat, which is just as well since my boss doesn't let clients do that any more.
Assassinate her for animal abuse
Dogpill going Official
disgusting. i can't stop being reminded of this any time i see a woman while living in one of the mentioned countries
Dogpill going Official
lol i posted a meme comment on IG about white toilets loving doggy dick
had like 30 likes in 4 days

normies know they just dont wanna say it aloud
Brutal. At this point, we should have a 'Dogpill' tag.
dogpill deniers on suicide watch
OF COURSE she's from Holland
The Netherlands has gotta be the most degenerate place in the West
even dogpilled beckies don't get to be cooper's first :lul:
revoke women's rights ASAP

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