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JFL Why are Stormfrontcels the Most Delusional People on Earth?

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The only people eating shit are PARAOUD EENDIAN HINDOOCELS like yourself, JFL. Munching cow poo is paat of youa kulcha
The only people eating shit are PARAOUD EENDIAN HINDOOCELS like yourself, JFL. Munching cow poo is paat of youa kulcha
That's self hating curries by the way that likes to eat shit
That's self hating curries by the way that likes to eat shit
The original meme was created to mock pro-Israel Hindoo nationalists like yourself, and in typical pajeet fashion, you made a low-effort edit in an attempt to appropriate it since you're too incompetent and uncreative to make your own meme
The original meme was created to mock pro-Israel Hindoo nationalists like yourself, and in typical curry fashion, you made a low-effort edit in an attempt to appropriate it since you're too incompetent and uncreative to make your own meme
But still reflective of you. White worshiper
But still reflective of you. White worshiper
I don't worship any individual white person alive today, just the inherent qualities and potential of the white race. "Nationalist" Indians like yourself openly lick the asses of Israeli officials and publicly shame yourselves via miserable displays like this:
Being white (and especially autistic) in a spic/black area is rough ngl. They are giga NT normies who think aggression=cool. Every area that ethnics touch becomes a shithole.

Some of the worst friends I had when I was younger were Spics- since they were giga-NT, they easily could manipulate me & exploit my non-NT traits.
When that happens, it is best for whites to move to the white area of the city or to move to the outside suburbs. Not all of America are ethnic shitholes, there are still many white areas that are prospering, such as the Midwest.
This is true, and I am considering relocating to a much more White area. No, I don't believe it will help me ascend & frankly I don't care, I would just prefer to live in an area which is safe, high-trust, homogenous or almost homogenous, etc.
Eh, from my observation of black and spic highschoolers, most have no real career aspirations or ambitions. They are too low IQ and ghetto to continue going to college and would rather continue their cycles of poverty. I went to a spic school where college recruiters would offer scholarships to the students, but the students declined in favor of construction or roofing after high school. Their high school drop out rates are still high, and most unis have overall low rates of black and spic students. Realistically, blacks and spics aren't competing for the good white collar jobs at a large scale any time soon. The only real competitors are Asians.
Still, it shows that Whites are being disadvantaged due to the current state of globohomo in the United States of Shitmerica.

I also believe that due to AA, Blacks are booming more eligible to being promoted due to just being Black: Sure, this may not guarantee that all of them get into a solid position, it would still provide those who can(which is increasing in part due to AA & the such) with an unfair advantage just due to race.

In general, having these cheap sources of labour filled to the brim with illegals harms wages, and that applies to anyone who is a "Native-born" US citizen.
Jfl these stats are showing nigs killing other nigs.
Look again, a considerable amount of Whites were being killed by Blacks: Even then, higher crime is bad since it means the general quality of the area declines, as well as more sexual promiscuity may follow(foids generally are aroused by violence).
A white can remove themselves from ethnics. Ethnics can't remove themselves from their own race.
In a way this is true, but the fact of the matter is, I had to move from my own area for reasons of safety, quality of living declining, etc.
You are acting like a nigger. Curries are one of the good ethnics in America, who share similar morals and goals of educated whites in America. They have the best stats yet curries face the worst racism in America, even more than whites in Baltimore.
I posted that(which is a copypasta I didnt even make) in order to spite OP, since he makes provocative low-effort threads like this consistently, and defended one of the forums most notorious fakecels.
I respect you as a user, but I just want to point out the sheer irony of you, a Christian/Catholic, have in saying this.

Your religion is all you have left: You think that you are some kind of "knight" or "crusader" when in reality, you are upholding & indulged in this system, you yourself claim to be fighting.

In fact, I am planning on making a thread(in due time) as to how Protestantism, and thus Christianity as a whole, is responsible for many of the ills that we face in civilization today, amongst which is that of feminism & women's rights.

Race is a much better way to organize & structure a nation, society, civilization, etc.: In part, due to the fact that racial-realism can easily be proven by science, and whilst science also proves creationism, it does not specifically confirm Christianity nor any denomination of it. Not to mention, many of the issues we have in this world due to race, again, stem from that of organized Abrahamic religions.
Everything you say only illustrates your lack of knowledge.

I would respect you more if you were informed and then legitimately tried to make an argument, that way we could actually engage in a somewhat intelligent conversation instead of you making baseless claims which provoke me into having to educate you. An argument can not be based on: "Well I believe that you believe...", because it is baseless.

Correct, our religion is all we have left in todays modern world. You. Can. Not. Be. More. Right.

I can say with all certainty that this is the highest value within the world. From which all morality and heroic actions of men are derived. Can you say the same about... race? No. Race is not the highest value, and while race and culture are legitimate parts of society and obviously are natural formations that should not be tainted, nobody is going to die when given a command such as "Denounce Bulgaria.". But when asked "Denounce God." you will find what true rebellion is. Men will and have always suffered martyrdom. We exist as a religion because we hate society until we ARE society. I can argue that race and culture are only products of Gods glory and that is why they should be preserved. Because beauty is a value, a high value, which derives from God alone.

You asserting that I hold true to the system is, again, also completely without any proof to back it. Sure, while you can point to protestant 'Christians' for examples, I can send you over 2000 years of Church documents and scriptures to back my claim. You are literally not allowed to profess soyviety while in the Church. Thats kinda like our whle thing. As the Orthodox Christians always say: "DEATH TO THE WORLD."

The core tenet of Christianity is rejection of the world. Christians have always Christianity is built upon the blood and skulls of the martyrs almost always done at the hands of the state. I wish I could just instantly fill you head with Christian history, but its better to learn on your own.

It can not be with the system since it fully rejects materialism, homosexuality, promiscuity, consumerism, communism, modern secular democracy, etc. You are literally excommunicated from the church if you profess these things that are a direct rejection of God and thus the Church.

The art, swords, symbols, heroes, 'high european culture' that Christian Monarchist society has created is re-appropriated by you stormfags. Millions of people blow their savings every year just to bear witness to the European glory of the Cathedrals and Castles of the 'dark ages' or 'the worst time on earth'. Christian Monarchist society produced your nations greatest heroes and strongest men. When arguing against it, point to the primitism and lack of technology and blame it on a governmental system for the times primitism, (And this was all done at the hands of peasants.) but imagine if this system applicable to todays glory of technological progress. Now imagine... The massive megalith buildings and nations that would be produced would would make anyone who doubted Christianity's legitmacy within the state breakdown in tears.

Also: Really great empty accusations. I dont think Im a 'knight' or 'crusader', they are just examples of Christian masculinity and heroines for young Christian men.

Please do not use Protestantism as a justification for anything against Christianity as it is completely foreign to it and follows no traditions of the Church nor theology. It is heretical and only makes up for 20% of Christians since America is protestant and has a high population. It was founded in the 16th century and most modern protestant denominations were founded 18century+. It holds no legitimacy.

If you make that thread, expect me to make a long analysis regarding your misinformation on Christianity, your lack of knowledge, and how you are wrong in every single facet. So be sure to tag me.


Just a reminder that things used to be built like this. When men built to honor God.
Even with their shit genetics, they are infinitely superior to low IQ and low trust shitskin turd world scum.

Based! Ethnics can't even accept the racepill (a core tenant of the blackpill) so I rather not have them here. They can't accept their position at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy. Better White than ethnic any day.
far right cumskins are retards
they want to save their 'genetics' yet they marry/date/fk noodlewhores
srs go check out how many stormfront faggots have noodlewhore partners
i have seen top tier stacy/htn beckies get dicked down by nigger and impregnated
no bbc for your mayo kissing ass :feelskek:

@Zer0/∞ is right :bigbrain:
Their race is the only thing they have left. They think they are some nazi super soldier meanwhile they are fully induldged in the system they are 'fighting'
cuckservative fantasies are getting a bit delusional now

The original meme was created to mock pro-Israel Hindoo nationalists like yourself, and in typical pajeet fashion, you made a low-effort edit in an attempt to appropriate it since you're too incompetent and uncreative to make your own meme
least self hating cucked curry on this forum :feelskek:

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