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Who are you quoteing?

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With the intent to inflict death
Jan 29, 2020
just your personality bro ( just counts for JBBW theory ( just be born woman )

My den of fellow hyenas View attachment 200104

jfl at studies like this even existing. No one bothers to study as much how autistic ugly males are bullied online, because nobody cares about that and research grants in sociological departments are probably tailored to studies examining any possible 'threat' to women.

She enjoyed every second of it
View attachment 363866

If i ever go to the USA(i'm guessing you live there), send me the invite and i will come.

As long as no one pulls an ELLIOT RODGERS and decide to kill the incels in the party, it's gonna be fun.

Incel in Holland, must be tough.

It decreases activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, deficits in which are associated with psychopathy.

Interestingly, as I've just pointed out in Chat, lesions to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex have been found to impair the ability of people to discern differences between the sexes. I have hypothesized based upon this finding that sexual and perhaps even racial egalitarianism, or the idea that notions of sexual and racial differences are socialized and not innate, is a mere projection of psychopathic attitudes onto the wider population, which mimics these psychopathic attitudes out of a desire for social status, given how fashionable, desirable, and powerful psychopaths tend to be in our decadent age.

Just invent true love potion theory

Good job. If you are not entitled to sex then she is not entitled to tips

Call the police on them for a noise disturbance or say that there's underaged people at the party.

Went to mcdonalds with friend and while i was choosing the burgers at the kiosk i said : “fuck it all, I’m gonna eat extra big today”

The foids that were sitting behind me started laughing and repeating what i said.

Honestly i wanted to piss on their stupid mugs

Cursed avi

Remove a tag that doesn't exist

It’s disgrace for a shotgun to be owned by such a cuck

Soys and women are not worthy to hold a holy grip of a firearm

I used to cope with games, but they’re all literally infested with foids/normies, so multiplayer ones are non-enjoyable anymore. I literally play games that struggle to work on modern computers.

cooming is great. try jav, the guy is often incel/oldcel :feelsokman:

His life is infinitely better than any of ours
Would trade in an instant

This. Scientists are a meme anyways. They are the priests in our modern technocracy who preach gospel for the soyified masses. If a scientist told them that they should jump from a bridge they would do it, they believe everything science tells them without taking their intuition into consideration (e.g. believing that there are far more than two genders).

And even the "hard" sciences are not everything:

The logic/rationality of science rejects intuition although it is a skill that evolved over millions of years and is an extremely powerful instrument that helped humans overcome many problems. When it looks/sounds like a duck the scientist would perform a genetic test to confirm that it was indeed a duck which everyone knew beforehand. But in the eyes of the scientist it could have been any animal before the genetic tests. Rationality and intelligence are not everything (especially when they come with denying the validity of intuition).

It's not that sex is the only thing that matters it's just that in order for self-actualisation to work sex has to come first. Sex is a basic physiogical need so in order to gain happiness from anything else it needs to be fulfilled

View attachment 375918

good thread brocel, high IQ as always. also bookmarked :feelsstudy:

So we need to smellmaxx aswell as lookmaxx? Smallmaxxing sounds awsome. But there should be some science on this? Actual chad-fermone-cocktails that works.
Very inspiring thread. Feel like I want to become a scientist in order to develop a chadsmell to share with all incels

Never been rejected before because never approached anyone before because of being mental.
But I do have fantasies all the time. The fact that naked whores are being shoved down my throat day and night by corporate media doesn't help at all. And if I go out it's full of foids as well. If I were to reach this void you're talking about I'd have to literally live in a cave in an island. Or less dramatically a cabin in the woods.

That kids social life is ovER

Doctor Phill looks like IT user


Genetics are everything.
Some kids are just born to destroy. Another blackpill

Fuckkkkk, if he's good looking women will line up to fuck him.
Meanwhile I will continue to rot cause subhuman.
Fuck this gay earth

That's a dumb kid. If he would keep his mouth shut he could maybe achieve his ambition.

He had big ear lobes and glasses, those are some incel traits.

It honestly looks like larp to me, the kid doesnt look 15 and is ugly asfuck just look at his parents and him, also the fact that he literally goes up to his parents and tells them he would rape his siblings is just fishy af

I was confused on why u reacted so negatively, yea I meant the video lol not you

I admit I got too obsessed over larpers infiltrating this forum. I was only grilling mainly very new and very suspect greycels this time which were caught like BradPittinison as they were clear larps. I won't try to accuse or insult others of being larp anymore, I will ignore them and let you guys do your jobs. I will not make threads about them nor spam them anymore, I will just report them and move on.

This forum is the only place for a guy like me, a friendless short, ugly and very non-NT ethniccel with no social prospects to come on and talk to others similar to me. I have nowhere else to go to talk about blackpill and lookism or struggling in life as a low value male. I'd hate to get kicked out for good just for mistakenly spamming few threads in a day. But either way, I won't bother with larper threads or greycel threads anymore if I am unbanned.

Its illegal in the UK

Doesn't matter if you are ugly, graycel

That excerpt from a Jewess is all I need to know that the article is shit.

Greycel mentality

Ok bluecel

View attachment 379268


DarkTriad mogs us still (SOI = #ammount of sexual partners). Which aligns with the scientific Blackpill and also my Blackpill Theory of Everything .

See the article "Are dark triad cues really visible in faces? " https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S019188691830607X

Yet wholesomecels ascend easier than normiecels.

Well of course you don't.

He isn't fucking this thing in the picture, so why would you?

Nice edit btw

You should be happy that these normies are suffering

As stated before I do not believe in absolute volceldom or absolute inceldom. They are directions to the left/right extremes of a continuum we lie in the middle of, some more to left and some more to right.

I guess you could quantify broad categoriztion like...
"incels" are 75% incel 25% volcel
"volcels" are 75% volcel 25% incel

If you fell too close to the middle then maybe neither would be clear and you'd call them midcels or something.

You're more volcel for refusing sex with a 10ft female dolphin than for refusing sex with a 10inch female doormouse, because sex with the former is a more tenable idea than the latter.

At some point if we're considering species whose max vag diameter is half (or less) our dicks that volceldom toward them is negligible because it ceases to be sex as we traditionally understand it when the primary result is causing mutual discomfort for both parties unlikely to result in orgasm for either of them.

The same could apply to species whose minimum vag diameter is double (or more) one's penile diameter: if you can literally walk inside the hallway-vag of a 98ft Blue Whale then even though your dick is technically inside her, without proximal hugging sensations we associate with sex, classifying it as sex merely by "A in B" oversimplifies what sex is.

I wonder if they test the sperm to see if it matches your DNA. If not that is a great plan and we need to get on that en masse.

.co moment

I want foids to suffer, that's all I wish. My heart is full of hate. I tried, I tried many times to understand them, to not hate them... But they're just disgusting, self-centered, stupid creatures.

I'd sell my soul to satan. I don't want to become chad and I don't want to be rich. All I want is the power to make them suffer.

Oh... The pic looks like a smiling pepe tbhngl

Mathematically, the problem can be formulated in terms of graph drawings of the complete bipartite graph K3,3. The three utilities problem is the question of whether this graph is a planar graph.

It is possible to show that any bridgeless bipartite planar graph with V vertices and E edges has E ≤ 2V − 4 by combining the Euler formula V − E + F = 2 (where F is the number of faces of a planar embedding) with the observation that the number of faces is at most half the number of edges (the vertices around each face must alternate between houses and utilities, so each face has at least four edges, and each edge belongs to exactly two faces). In the utility graph, E = 9 and 2V − 4 = 8, violating this inequality, so the utility graph cannot be planar.

@mNFwTJ3wz9 just copy wikipedia and get IQpraised theory.

I probably couldn't do it now though. A bit like how George Lucas couldn't make a good Star Wars again, it's a lost art.

I lived 0 seconds today


Also this isn't 2008 you really need to be fully immersed into the whole 2008 carrying on and mentality of the time. Youtube Poop and all that kind of thing. Youtube was a bit like this forum in video format back.

foids can try nightmare mode for free can always go back to tutorial

So we pretend we are going to help a tranny but we are really just going to steal the money?
bit confused on the goal here

And now all media outlets are referring to Paige as him, instantly. Lol. What a clown world.

I'm around her same age. I remember wanting to fuck her when she was in Juno all those years ago.

Would you participate in a one night stand with your oneitis ascend but you would never speak tk them again?

I used to do this in high school to foids in my class. It was thrilling to fap to girls that were always giving me boners in class.

I fapped in class once. True story


clownmaxx then

anything you wear as incel will look like shit

lmao are you trying to look like a priest?


"Im proud of you for making the decision you thought was right"

Lets apply that to a situation

Guy rapes a girl

"Im proud of you for making the decision you thought was right"

So essentially she's proud of this woman for getting fucked, and then murdering her child. Very high standards for females i see

bant/ - International/Random » Thread #9041858

Just don't forget to stream it

This is the real question. If somebody here still posts after ascending I hope he gets fucking skinned alive by a Mexican cartel in real life and the video uploaded to liveleak for my viewing pleasure I hope they gut your fucking chest out and rip your fucking lungs out while you still fucking breath you mothefucker not in fucking minecraft or gta but in real fucking life you scumbags. If you ascended and you are still here I want you to know you are the biggest fucking scum on this planet and I would have no hesitation to pick up the fucking flat screwdriver on my desk right now and push it into your fucking eye socket you utter fucking piece of shits.

If I ever Ascend from here the first thing I'll fucking do is PM the mods and request a perma ban immediately. Maybe make a good bye thread in a lounge or something and then off I go because I don't fucking want brocels to suffer because of me.

“My husband only shows me affection when it’s reciprocated”

I mean yeah, he would be an idiot to do otherwise.

Your memory won't be saved, so nothing to worry about.

I actually have.

It takes quite a bit for me to be drunk though due to me being genetically modified

I want to drink more but too drunk to move :feelsbadman:

low impulse control

You can't suffer if you don't even remember what happened 5 mins ago, at late stages they don't even have self awareness anymore

That's just your anthropomorphism

Agencies care way less about thise site than you'd like to think. Post whatever you want as long as its not "go out and murder people" propaganda.

All hail the Nederlands!

Sounds like a better plan than going solo dolo and get caught.

Honestly while I'm sure fearing violence and rape is no picnic, but having healthcare 3 meals and no waging doesn't seem bad.

Plus you'll make us all look bad during your interrogation and trial
as Alek Minassian did and is doing as we speak

Goin ER in any form is extremely low IQ

This has been debated multiples times before

Alos Elliot Rodger was so stupid in his Quest for Vengeance, he killed his 2 (incel) flatmates in his retardness.
Hardly what Id call a succesful rebellion against women.

Honestly, just KYS if you wanna go ER.
By killing other people, youllnjust put more shit over other Incels who didnt ask anything.

No, killing pople wont change the world, it wont make foids fear you, it wont make people more interested whatsoever,

it ll just make people treat us a untreatable zoo animals who needs to be fleeced off the surface of earth

Lean to cope or get a rope ffs

going er is good for accelerationism

Going er is the only way they will hear your voice.

why would i want this soyceity to last any longer?

What honour? Jfl we would all kill each other for pussy. Do you understand that no matter what we do the world will hate us? Whether your a "nice" inkwell or a violent one, they will treat you the same

Scary. That phrase is my motto. Sorry for butchering the language, but "Fumei yo, yori shi" is such a splendid catchphrase.

Damned if you do damned if you don't, might as well do what you want then.

You're glowing.

It is very pleasing when chads/Stacey’s face difficulties for once in their cut-short life.

Pain pain pain pain pain all I feel is


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I would like to fuck his mommy

You're not on ignore, bhai.

Subhumans are not entitled to vent, freedom of expression is for Chads only.

When chad doesn't "act his age" he is isn't immature or a "manchild" he's a free spirit and fun loving guy that's great to be around. Because of the halo effect.

You would try to save the escort from becoming an full fledged escort that is something ER would have tried :feelskek::feelskek:

Imagine requesting a ban. This guy is an idiot

Maybe try doing painful drugs, like datura.

Start working out, muscle pain is awful and leaves no mark. Just do 100 push ups until you’re ready to die. Bam. Easy pain you can do to yourself whenever.

Based, thanks for the tip brocel. will definitely try it out.

also, what are you smoking atm?

I currently smoke regular marlboro reds and sometimes gudang garam if I have spare cash
I also really like these though i'm not sure if they're available in europe:
View attachment 382294 View attachment 382295View attachment 382296

I don't think we have beedis here unfortunately :feelsbadman:
Kreteks are really fucking nice, really expensive though.
I usually buy them individually for R$ 2 (0.40 USD) bucks a pop (regular ciggs are 0.50) instead of buying the entire box (that costs R$ 30 (6 USD)

they were hot in that episode where they are all teenagers

"Barthood" is the ninth episode of the twenty-seventh season

View attachment 382343

Fucking Chad even cucks my loli collection :feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::reeeeee::reeeeee::reeeeee::reeeeee::reeeeee::feelsping::feelsping::feelsping:


Jestermaxing is fucking pathetic

DMing a foid for reasons apart from sending her gore is pretty cucked.

fakecel if foid ghosts care enough to haunt you

Also true but I don't know any woman's email

Interesting, never heard of such a thing. For a while there I thought I might be schizoid too but while some symptoms really fit, others don't really.

BUT, as always, my answers and opinions even on a psychological test vary based on my current mood. Sometimes I might think that a symptom really fits me, other times I think it doesn't. I can never answer in the same way.

Interesting, I looked into it and I seem to be more on the borderline level than the psychotic one tbh. Though I'm fucked up in 50 different ways so idk I could classify myself as only borderline, but I don't have "severely compromised reality testing". Well, for a while there when I was at the rock bottom with my alcoholism, I did get into solipsism and I had a few episodes of derealization/depersonalization, but those were extreme cases and I was under super intense stress. And even then I didn't fully believe in stuff like solipsism, though I guess that as a way of escapism I did try to convince myself of it and other very weird things, never fully managed to immerse myself in them, I was too grounded in reality even back then.

Edit: yeah I looked into it, I am definitely not at the psychotic level. Definitely not. I guess I've got that going for me, which is nice. Doesn't help that I still have like 50 things wrong with me: severe depression for like 12 years, severe anxiety, maybe even agoraphobia, avoidant personality disorder, PTSD possibly etc...

I considered that too but tbh I have other things wrong with me and as always I can never decide if I do have a symptom or not. But I probably don't have BPD cause 99% of the time I'm dead inside, almost zero feelings. Bored, depressed and anhedonic, apathetic. BPD people have wildly varying and strong emotions.

Ahh I guess I expressed myself the wrong way. I said that my opinions fluctuate according to mood, when my mood is dead inside most of the time. What I meant is that my opinions fluctuate according to ... idk they just fluctuate a lot for no reason.

Unfortunately, such concepts tend to be misunderstood by those with a tenuous grasp on physics/science, they misinterpret them and use it to further their flawed worldview. Not saying that that's what you're doing, but I've noticed a lot of people tend to do that.

I'm actually asking, is there anyone else in this position?

I wonder what can we do? Cause idk about you, but for me being stuck at some office job for 8+ hours a day for the rest of my life sounds pretty much like hell incarnate, I'd actually rather have my nails pulled out and get waterboarded by the CIA.

But that's what's gonna end up happening, I'm going to wageslave at some shit office gig. And my mind blocks out my bleak future by distracting me with shit that I know will never happen, like maybe it'll be some job where I'll have downtime and be able to learn programming while stuck there and make my own project that will get big and make me passive income etc... But it's all ridiculous. All these years I've rotted and I was too mentally shattered to learn programming or do anything productive at all, I'm definitely not going to have the energy to do it while wageslaving and hating my life even more because of it. Not that jobs in this shit ass country have downtime anyway. They pay you peanuts but they ask for hard work. Also for all these years I've thought about every now and then and searched for some project or some side gig I could make and get money, but it's been futile cause nothing seemed worth doing, every avenue has a million flaws, all the risk in the world for mediocre rewards.

I even said have a nice day goodbye, she didn't say anything and ended the call.

I thought that this thread is a manifesto and you wanna go ER kek

p sure the whole covid shit will die out eventually especially with the vaxx coming out. It was and still is a nothingburger thats being massively exaggerated anyways. Everything will go back to normal after a while unfortunately.

I want to level up and gain exp for killing things, exploring, doing quests, and cooking/crafting.

Yes, I will do anything and give everything. Even if it means being an incel for life I would do anything to be able to level IRL like in a video game.

Ty ty, and what does following someone really do? Do you get an update when they post?

Hope I can entertain.

I jerked off to some weird shit in my pathetic lifetime and I probably will jerk off to even weirder shit in the future. Nonetheless, I absolutely refuse to touch my dong to The Simpsons porn. There are simply lines I will never ever cross. This goes for Family Guy porn, too.

I once tried it as a drug tea and it was Fucking horrible

Bruh, they don't call it hells bells for no reason. I have heard that that stuff is some of the worst stuff to trip on. Pure trips with demons. Never have taken anything, but have read about this online.

Remember to keep it a mental exercise

First time I’ve heard that on here. Feels good.

They contributed a lot to literature.

- Revilo P. Oliver.

They've become too emboldened in modern times and lost their tragic condition.
Many homos are borderline nowadays -- extremely feminine men who began heterosexual and were influenced by (((media))) to take the mantle on for social points and perhaps due to lack of success with women.
Of course, the fact that they engage in perversion means they aren't exactly heterosexual, but they would have conformed to the norm in earlier times.
Many of them aren't "natural" homosexuals and so you get a large swath of them who don't come by their condition honestly -- it's not an interesting mental illness anymore that is packaged with intellectual perks (like autism) as it used to be. It's fashionable to be a fag now, which is why so many foids are "non-binary."

Don't let the world do that to you. Plus, like it was already said above, if you dark triad maxx as an ugly guy you'll most likely get in trouble instead of ascending or anything like that.

tbh you gain respect from men by being a little cruel.
of course, i'm not supporting bullying incels but never calling out faggy behavior is also wrong.
and you shouldn't be too cruel because that risks getting physically beat up.
it's a matter of balance.
I can't find myself
Based. Also nice edits and music.
What is this about?
lifefuel, I had 5 of my quotes in there
I got multiple quotes cause I’m a real ass nigga
you guys ever heard of Ctrl+F ?
I always quote my main accounts @Michinomiya Hirohit and @Neggr
u should get ur alt to 10k ngl
I dont even have the energy for more important maxxes... hope things will get better soon.
based shitposting on ID
Low IQcel trait: nothing you said ever made it on here

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