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RageFuel What foids and normies really think, look at how "incel" was the go to insult for a depressed guy

Fuck normies & fuck reddit. I wish DEATH to them all!!!
Why is calling someone an incel accepted??? Then i am gonna start addressing every foid as whores who dress up to show their body parts . Fair enough, I hope this whore who has written this post get molested every year from immigrants and thugs
I would be in a bad mood too if I had to watch shitty modern 'comedians' making 'jokes' all night

in fact I already find normie jestermaxxers tiresome and dull. and they aren't even professionals at it
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The most empathetic gender strikes again
The most empathetic gender strikes again
Yeah it’s not shocking she keeps going straight to blaming him and calling him an incel for… particularly nothing he did
They hate autists and they were just bullying him using a whole crowd of 40 or more people will ruin a mans shell
Sounds like the guy was just trying to cope in peace, but kept getting singled out by the normies. Many such cases.
-Normies will be like "Stop acting like an incel" :soy:
-So you DO acknowledge incels exist
-"No incels don't exist, they are inkwells":soy:
-Then, why use incel as an insult?
-... :soy:
-Just admit that you don't understand what an incel is or you don't give a fuck whether they live or not
-"I don't hate incels, they are just so negative blah blah blah":soy:
-The quiet guy literally just exists and then normies already perceive him as inherently negative. I thought we are supposed to judge someone's morality based on behavior not looks... right?

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