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We incels have to use our power to vote to make contraceptives and abortion illegal.

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Sexlessness survivor
Nov 4, 2022
We can vote for this conspiracy, for this dream, if we can't enjoy our sex life, we're going to make it harder for them to enjoy theirs.

We should vote for cuckservative parties that are against sexual liberalism, because there wasn't any sexual liberalism for us rejected incels. Women wouldn't be having so much sex if it was more risky for them, if it was easier for them to get pregnant and they didn't have the possibility to get abortion.

And even though I hate feminism, I like the fact that feminists want a world in which tyrones can be put in jail for trying to flirt, because men should be scared of trying to get sex and romance, because if we, rejected virgins, can't have sex easily, then we should contribute to create a world in which everybody is scared about sex, a world in which noone can enjoy their sexuality.

My ideology is ENVY, I hate sexhavers and they should stop experiencing all the things I can't experience. Stop complaining on this forum and start actually doing something to create a less horrible world for us rejected virgins.
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I dont care about the fetus tbh, i just dont want the woman to have the power to make a decision due to her own inability to close her legs or to not be a filthy whore
cuckservatives are pussies
they would never do it

yeh birth control creates incels cause it lets foids whore around without any risks
we have no power nigga, a few votes dont mean shit
birth control creates incels cause it lets foids whore around without any risks
Which is why birth control must be eliminated and we have to try to create this conspiracy, we're going to use cuckservatives to our advantage and even if we see that feminists can be used as useful idiots to create more separation between men and women and annihilate sexual liberalism then we need to do it to create a better society for us and for the men who are like us.

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