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RageFuel We have a bluepilled soy retard among us!

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hm ER looks too :chad: here :waitwhat:
there are so many bluepilled cucks on this forum and mods don't do shit
LOLLLL ahahahaha. i just woke up
i think its hilarious you decided to make a thread worshipping me, LOL
also, why didnt i see this thread earlier... wtf
i have not changed my opinion on anything ive said

you have to understand, that suggesting banning me for disagreeing with common takes of this forum is the equivalent of reddit banning incels because they dont like them. you advocating for banning me is pathetic and cowardly. its not bluepilled to suggest that females deserve moral consideration, you fucking inbred. this is because moral discussions are philosophical in nature, and belief in the blackpill science is also justified by philosophy, because of the hierarchy of scientific evidence, which stems from epistemology

im still of the position that females deserve moral status. females are sentient, they can suffer, they have brains. if you think males deserve moral status, i dont see why females wouldnt. it is you who needs to make the argument as to why females dont deserve moral status, or why slavery and subjugating them is the way things ought be done. here is little picture on what moral status is, you philosophically illiterate retard

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and in terms of slavery, it would seem to be that slavery is really brutal, cruel, and a depressing life. it seems that slavery is almost categorically wrong, and also under utilitarian framework it can also be argued to be wrong. idk, maybe you can make the argument that it increases the overall happiness and pleasure in certain instances, but im sure a lot of people with different metaethical beliefs would disagree

i dont know how females ought be treated. what rights they ought or not ought be granted. but to me, slavery would seem like a nightmare scenario
for example; if you were forced to be the slave of some ugly fat sheboon old roastie hag, would you be happy? thats how females view me and you

just because something is convenient and benefits you doesnt make it morally acceptable you fucking hypocritical shit for brains retard
im sure slavery of niggers was beneficial for white slave owners, but that doesnt make it morally acceptable, and neither did the arguments the slave owners used are justified, you fucking idiot
im sure the conscription and genocide of men in wars is beneficial for politicians and females, but that doesnt necessarily make it morally acceptable or morally justified to do

i should also point out i find it funny you have the nerve to call me a redditor
reddit is a hivemind where you can downvote people into being invisible if they deviate away from the groupthink or offend people
this is what you are trying to do, while simultaneously ignoring my post
this entire thread are a bunch of intellectually vacuous pussies who just dick ride you, and ignore everything ive said

please explain it to me ONE THING i said that is wrong, you fucking retard

i called you a cowardly pussy in the last thread, and i still stand by that. you call me names, but you dont interact with any of the points ive made, like the pussy coward nt retard that you are
Chill Martin G ,:feelskek:
Redditor. They always make themselves so obvious with the manner in which they speak.
This. Why are Redditors so consistently retarded and spouting top down libshit talking points like clockwork?

The line they say about “our purpose to have kids” makes me think it’s a woman or a train and them being a vocal about veganism also suggests what kind of person they are. More women are vegan than men.

And what a stupid line, most women are actually way way happier and more fulfilled long term if they have their own kids and family. But they’re so brainwashed that they see it like a ball and chain and they’re too stupid to think about anything long term. When they’re old they almost always regret it and career women are all on drug cocktails and SSRIs to get through the day.
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and if you hold a nihilistic position, then that entails that nobody has ever wronged you
No, it just means that no one has OBJECTIVELY wronged you, therefore you can't claim any sympathy from others. However to you personally sure you can feel wronged. People know themselves best, therefore what they can or can't do depends on them.
Redditor. They always make themselves so obvious with the manner in which they speak.
they think they're so smart because it's easier to trick a moron into thinking they are smart than it is to help an actual intellectual believe in himself.

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