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Aug 1, 2023
There is a young man. Around a 7 in looks. He has some foids interested in him, but he knows that they would likely leave him if a better guy came along, and he cant get it out of his head. "Why can't they just like me for me?" he says. So God decides to put it to the test.

The man's consciousness is transplanted into radio waves and he can be heard on a strange off-commercial station asking if anyone is there. One day a woman hears him and talks to him and he tells her what happened and the woman feeling the whole situation is very special and magical, imagines the man is some kind of guardian angel and starts a kind of relationship with him.

But the man still says to himself "oh she doesnt love me really, she only loves me because i can talk well enough, if i couldnt talk shed leave me in a heartbeat."

So God takes away his ability of speech and now all he can do is make a single tone beeping sound. And that is what he does. The woman disappointedly changes the station. And yet still there is someone who plays the noise as an interesting demonstration of a heart monitor on the radio to her medical students. Again the man complains in his head "they're just using me! They would never like the real me."

And so finally God removes him from existence.

It is reality that our looks are a part of ourselves. Relationships especially sexual ones are transactional. Equal lvl genes for equal lvl genes (after hypergamy is taken into account). So if you dont have the genes, if you dont have the looks, you won't be able to get anyone. Its not only looks, even personality is genetic, saying you want someone to love you for who you are and not for your looks doesnt make sense, because you are your looks, and you didnt choose those, and you are your personality, and people are under the illusion that they choose that, and to a certain degree yes, but genetics will determine the overall colour of your personality, and from its shades you wont be able to deviate.

So who are you? What do you want people to love? You were before you were born. Sure you made choices that influenced the final product but everything about you from looks to personality was largely predetermined. So you are not being soulful when you say you want someone who loves you for who you are. Because you are predetermined code. You didnt choose your looks just as you didnt choose your personality. Why should 1 gift be worth more than the other? You simply want women to love you for your brain? Mind and body are inseparable. You cant love one and hate the other, if you try you will never love the person and hate will overpower everything.

Now foids are there to read the code and determine if its worthwhile. Dont hate them too much for this. If it werent for this selection those dumbass apes who cant talk would have been getting all the prehuman pussy and we would never have evolved past ooh ooh ah ah.

Inceldom will always be a problem in life. For all living things. Some low fruit does fall down to the earth. And that fallen fruit gives nourishment back to the tree and allows it to show its beauty without any flaws. The progression and cosmically willed changing of life relies on this sacrifice. The problem we are faced with today is that inceldom is mainstream. 60% of young dudes are incels. Thats not nature. Thats a genocide.
dnr but yeah, based off the title. youre right
did this guy rlly get banned for admitting to accidentally having watched the CP video :feelsseriously:

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