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Blackpill water blackpill (?): redpill gurus are no different than OF whores



Fat link fanboy
Sep 3, 2021
both of them feed on lonely male with bluepill epidemic.

that is because both found a chance in that rising demographic (thanks to the hypergamy machine) and decided to take advantage of it in any possible way even if it's the worst way possible.

the difference lies in the premise of both, one of them promises of sexual dreams and fantasies, the other promises sexual and financial success, the common theme here being a promise to sexual dreams that will never come true (the redpill whore harem bought with money, or the OF whore sending you material bought with money as well)
that is to fill in place of real success: genetics.

the problem is, those far fetched dreams and copes can fill in something that isn't there to begin with.

what many of those redpill retards fail to understand, is that life isn't as easy as just getting jacked and making business. the most hilarious stuff you would ever listen to in your life would be when a redpiller talks about achieving financial success. see Andrew Tate video about how to achieve success starting a makeup brand and present this idea to someone from wolf street or someone who achieved real financial success without fame whoring or clinging on a certain demographic, there is 90% chance they will assume that you're fucking retarded and know absolutely jackshit about running business. that's because it's the knowledge level of these guys. they're so fucking braindead from deca injections they think their bullshit will pass on everyone including people who achieved real success, whether in getting foids or money. they think they have it all figured out.

well, life isn't that easy, anything can go wrong and it would fuck it up. boom your money is gone, the body you worked hard for (or didn't ) would start to shrink. now the whore you pulled with your facade of a betabux is gone. what is a redpiller solution to this? they tell you to do the same thing again. sounds familiar with that nevER give up trope :bluepill:

what you will actually pull is dirty whore goldiggers and betabux vultures, the same whores that redpillers always criticize foids for. it's a logical fallacy that never gets old, really.
if you know that toilets seek after your money you really shouldn't encourage other males to give them exactly what they want. you became the opposite of what you want to be viewed as, a literal whore encouraging cuck instead of a beta dematrixing smegma male.

why criticize gold digging whores if that is your end goal?
you should be thanking them instead for giving you the sucky sucky fucky fucky right? naaah it's because your unconscious is telling you that something smells wrong. like a big hot pile of horseshit and you unconditionally voice your objection and rejecting opinion against it.

psychologically this could be also their way of cope, because besides their goal of achieving money by taking advantage of desperate losers and spewing such bullshit, it also comes as a method of convincing themselves that what they achieved is the utopian dream that every man should aspire to and that it is better than actual attraction.

life is a competition? shit
well guess what, chad isn't concerned about competing at all, especially with YOU. he knows he have it all, he is constantly fucking women unconditionally and will end up marrying a good looking chick who will be his slave for the rest of her life because that's the limit of her smv and she will literally worship him for the rest of their days. better than the sexual fantasy anyone ever dreams of.

you my redpiller buddy goyo? your golddigger whore's chrome history consists of list of poisons that can't be detected by an autopsy. that shit is real and brutal my redpilled nigger so just fucking kill yourself before a gold digging toilet does, ded srs.
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goddamn I am such a based sigma zyzz'd gigachad christian man brah and YOURE FUCKING BROKE YOURE POOR XD brb my golddiggin' whore is mirin' some twink's massive cock because he's a lanky dork who has these bones on his face and now she gave me an ultimatum between sucking his cock or giving my credit card so she can buy more shit for her OF account :feelscomfy: :redpill:

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