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[Whitepill] There's one thing i absolutely despise about this community

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First off i gotta say that i wholeheartedly believe in the core components of the blackpill:
1) genetic determinism/bioessentialism
2) philosophical materialism
3) the importance of looks in all aspects of life
4) the opportunistic and selfish nature of human beings
5) sexual economics theory/Bateman's principle/Briffault's law/ hypergamy

6) the belief in the unrestricted utility of honesty and truth
7) the belief in the ubiquity of suffering in this world

However, there is one core aspect of the blackpill "community" that i don't agree with; pessimism and defeatism.

I don't think defeatism and is neccessarily wrong per se, i even think it is a perfectly normal, natural, and evolutionary advantageous reaction to encountering an insurmountable obstacle.
Giving up is a perfectly reasonable response if the odds are stacked against you.
It prevents you from taking unneccessary risks or expending unneccessary resources for sub-par results.

But here's the issue i see with defeatism: learned helplessness.
Learned helplessness in my opinion is way more harmful to men than to foids.
Foids fundamentally are passive creatures that are more concerned about feeling good than they are about being in control of their life.
Metaphorically speaking females don't care if they sit in the driver's seat as long as the seat heating works.

A man however actually wants to feel in control of his own destiny much more than he wants to be loved and coddled.
(That's also one of the reasons why thERapy doesn't work for men btw.)
If you, as a man develop a mindset of victimhood and learned helplessness, you are on a dangerous path that could possibly end with a noose around your neck.

There's another aspect to this:
It leads to escapism and addiction.
Too many rotters in here participate in harmful copes like smoking weed, watching jewish smut, being unemployed rotcels, writing threads on obscure incel forums...
...and i am guilty of it too.
We all participate in some vices, i get that.
But believing you have no control over your life drastically exasterbates those harmful behaviours.
I'm not saying you should assume responsibility for things you have no control over, that would be inhumane, but you absolutely should strive to not do yourself a disservice by giving up on things you can influence.

What might also interest you is that defeatism among incels is inherently gynocentric.
If you are a male the inferior sex deems as subhuman because of some facial disproportions, foids want you to rot in isolation.
They strive to exclude you from every social gathering, and ultimately make you rope.
That may not be overt about it, but make no mistake: if you're ugly toilets want you to rot in silence.
If you decide to rot you perfectly play into their hands.

After hearing all this you might ask "What you said is all fine and dandy, but what's the alternative?"
The alternative to defeatism is hate and angER.
Anger is a masculine and life-affirming response to percieved injustice against yourself or people in a similar position to you.
And there is no shortage of sanctioned injustice directed at ugly men.
So why not rebel against the injustice you face?

I don't propose going on killing sprees, not because it's wrong, but because it's ineffective.
You can't select your victims properly, you end up either dead or in jail, and innocent truecels get blamed for your actions.

But you can still stand up against injustice in another way:
Become strong and resiliant enough to stand up against the injustice that you face.
Free yourself from the mental slavery imposed on you.
Help those brocels that are too weak to protect themselves instead of throwing them under the bus like everybody else.
Do what you are not "supposed" to do.
Always remember, the rebellion against modernity begins with you!

Look man all I am gonna do is grind in education and work in my early life, gather enough money to retire early and try to enjoy life in what ways I can. Maybe get some money for limb lengthening surgery to escape Heightpill. I am not gonna try and go the bluepill way of approaching foids even though it is clear they see me as subhuman. The Blackpill has saved me from an inordinate amount of embarassment in my life and has made me more assertive in life.

If an Incel Rebellion actually happens or even a rebellion against rich elites I will 100% support and join it. Will fucking burn everything that day lol.
1) genetic determinism/bioessentialism
However, there is one core aspect of the blackpill "community" that i don't agree with; pessimism and defeatism.
These two don't gel. All forms of predeterminism kill one's agency and willingness to invest effort. If everything is genetically determined, then why do anything? If I had the effort gene, I'd already be doing something.

The blackpill is sabotaged because of this. Kick out genetic determinism, which is nowhere as well-supported as its adherents think, and you have a working philosophy. Reject all forms of determinism that deny free will and your autonomy. It's a mental poison and, if you believe in it, it will kill you, not your enemies.
incels should work to revolt against the modern world. the best advice is for incels to develop themselves in any way you can, in spite of the degeneracy around us. this society is entangled by contradictions which are bound to result in making itself collapse sooner or later.
Yes. Develop skills, develop your mind, develop your body. Don't start the revolt, be an opportunist. Be in the strongest position you can be that you can capitalize on the revolt, then consider your part done. Don't tell people that you're revolting, don't talk about it, don't show it. Disguise your revolt as obedience.

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