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Theory The vast majority of incels- real incels, that is, seem to fall within a certain standard deviation of traits

Based on talking to several users on here and reading the biographies of famous incels such as elliot rodger, as well as polls and surveys conducted on this forum this past months I have noticed a pattern which just happens to correlate with my personal experience

Almost all incels- actual incels, not fakefags or larpers, have certain traits and shared/common experiences
I will start off with listing them

Height: Most incels tend to be between 5'7 (170cm) to 5'11 (180cm) in height, either that or slightly below the average in the country they are living in. However, extremely short incels are uncommon.

Body: Most incels tend to have been very skinny, weak and unathletic in their childhood, but get fat when they get older, either due to gymcelling done improperly or stress eating from depression

Face: Most incels tend to be genuinely unattractive, either that or they have several key features that distort their otherwise normal face. They aren't necessarily deformed in the literal since, or extremely ugly, but rather just a few points uglier than a low-tier normie. This is emphasized by the fact that almost all incels tend to have receding hairlines or just high hairlines in the first place, which can only be fixed with a hair transplant or invasive medications.

NT: This is the most homogenous statistic for incels. In a recent poll it seemed like there were a cluster of users on here who fell between the 35-39 scores on the Autism Quotient, with almost everyone falling between 30-45.
This indicates that the majority of incels are more autistic than someone who has Asperger's, but slightly, not yet low-functioning. This is reinforced by my personal experience

Experience growing up: This part is the most interesting, almost all incels tend to have the following pattern

Abusive parents in some way shape or form. Whether psychological verbal or physical. Often helicopter parents too. These parents tend to be inept at raising children in a healthy way, and morph everything about the child according to their own worldview, hindering the childs development. These parents always become gaslighting towards the child when they get older, while simultaneously "wishing the child had never been born".

As a child, incels may have some true friends. But upon growing older, everyone develops their own intentions, while incels who have autism are left in the dark and still believe the world is a good place.

In fact, incels may start off with too much empathy or sympathy, which leads to them getting taking advantage of.

They can get up to severely bullied until late high school, or ostracized since middle school. Humans have an innate repulsion towards other humans that are non-NT, exhibiting traits such as introversion, and this is worse for men than for women. In fact I even have a theory that autistic and mentally ill people are part of the uncanny valley theory, but that's something for another thread. This is why incels who are often autistic are the victims coupled with the fact that they are well below average in appearance or "funny-looking".

Every child needs attention, so incels almost always have a jestermaxxing phase. However, they don't realize that the others are laughing AT them intsead of WITH them, until it's too late and they become an abused dog. This is because they never learned how to socialize properly because of their abusive or helicopter family, and was mostly ostracized after childhood missing developmental milestones, so when they try to be funny, they become the butt of the joke itself, not to mention autism comes into play

After this experience, we tend to become withdrawn and antisocial. Then these normie fucks have the AUDACITY to ask us "why is he so weird/awkward/quiet/rude?"

Because we are withdrawn and antisocial after these negative experiences we tend to develop extremist views, hell we try to find anything that's counter-culture so that we can fit in. Because the majority of society has stomped on us over and over again, telling us we can't fit in, that we must be the butt of every joke, without every telling us the reason.
And with these negative experiences and views we get demonized even more by society.
Upon entering college we become stressed at life, mostly ignored because of all the reasons stated above, more and more ostracized and we fall deeper and deeper into a spiral as we hopelessly reflect on our past
What are the implications of this? Maybe it means we are very alike. Maybe it means god made us as a group to suffer. Maybe we are victims of natural selection so we all have undesirable traits in common. You can have your own interpretation. At the end of the day, it's the objective truth.
High IQ post.
I disagree here. There are definitely many outcasts who adopt fringe views just to be edgy, but the general phenomenon of fringe movements (MRAs, WNs, commies) being comprised primarily of outcasts is simply because outcasts are the only ones with enough free time and reason to question the status quo to educate themselves on these views. Chads, Stacies, and societal normies who live just fine in the cucked neoliberal system have no reason to fight against it
Agree, theres a reason most intellectuals and philosophers ever were incels by definition or escortcels.
:bigbrain:Extremely high-IQ post. From the stories that I have read on here about users as well as my own life, this thread describes the vast majority of incels. The jestermaxxing part especially hit hard:feelsbadman:.
High iq thread but life was good outside of inceldom & non NT until late teens a certain event prompted me to have worse issues than 99.99999% of the global population and a good 99% of this forum
What happened to you??

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