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The Sex Life Situation of Young Men: The Regular Sexhavers, the Occasional Sexhavers & the Sexless Bunch (Don’t Open if you don’t like Water)



Jul 30, 2022
If you look at the most recent statistics for the sexual life situation of men ages 18 – 29 in western society, it can be summed like this: Around 1/3 of young men are sexless, around 1/3 of young men are having sex occasionally (a few times a year), and around 1/3 of young men are having sex regularly (more than once a month)

Let’s look at these numbers a bit closer. Think about what's implicated by these numbers in a social context

The “Sexless Bunch” of Young Men

Approximately 1 in 3 men ages 18 – 29 are sexless and single, as in no sex for at least a whole year. This is a fact based on reported data. Anyone can speculate why 1 in 3 men ages 18 – 29 are sexless – Maybe these men are not actively in pursuit of dates or hookups. But then we could ask: Why are these men not participating in the world of hookups and dates?

If we assume men have the power to choose whether or not they want to pursuit a GF or casual sex partner, then we can assume this particular share of sexless men have chosen not to pursuit for sex partners. Thus it allows us to ask: Why have this specific share of sexless men chosen not to participate in the pursuit for female sex partners or GFs?

Anyone can speculate why 1 in 3 young men have opted out or decided to not involve themself in the pursuit of sex partners or GFs. A person might say access to pornographic media has replaced the zoomer male desire to seek sexual contact with women IRL. Another person might say sex drive has declined for zoomer men and in effect some of them have become stoics or MGTOW. Another might say zoomer males do want sex, but it has become harder for them to obtain female sex partners for some reason. Another might say it’s because zoomer men are too inhibited and lack confidence or lack “game”. Whatever the case, it’s evident this behavior is not normal for young men in general. Under normal circumstances, no more than 1 in 5 of young men would be going an entire year without sex, and this was reflected in the sexual lifestyle of young men from previous generations. But for zoomers, the share of men going over a whole year without sex is almost double the amount that it would’ve been under normal circumstances. It’s very clear this behavior is abnormal Something has happened. Anyone can speculate what has “happened”. But whatever it is that “happened” - It has ultimately led to an abnormally greater proportion of young men becoming sexless

The “Occasional Sexhavers” of Young Men

Approx. 1 in 3 men ages 18 – 29 are having sex occasionally. As in they are having sex no more than a rate of once a month, but probably even less than that (for most of them). Now think: Under what kind of social life conditions does a young man have sex occasionally? As we already know, people in relationships usually have sex with their partners every week. So it’s very unlikely for the larger share of “occasional sexhavers” to even be in a relationship

As it's probable that most “occasional sexhavers” are single, there are only a few practical conditions under which they can have sex with women “occasionally”:

1. Escortbux – They pay to fuck escorts or other whores from time to time​

2. “Pity Sex” from Becky who They Orbited for Long Periods – They orbit Becky for several months or potentially longer than a year. Becky mercifully decides to let orbiter have sex with her after the orbiter has successfully orbited for a long period of time​

3. Short Stints of Casual Sex after Many Attempts of Cold Approach / DM Slide-Ins – They run loads of “cold approaches” IRL or use social media to “slide into many DMs” and fail to obtain results most of the time, but there are few occasions when they are successful. A minority of their attempts are successful and lead to them smashing the foid who they cold approached or “slid into their DMs”. However their rate of success is too low for them to be considered as someone who has sex on a regular basis​

Evidently “occasional sexhavers” are not totally sexless, but their methods of pursuing sex with women are not very effective as they don’t bring optimal results; or in redpill terms, their “game” (or “rizz” as zoomers call it) is mediocre or second-rate. The same escorts who they paid, the same Beckys who they orbited, the same foid strangers who they cold approached or “slid into their DMs” --- Most of these females have sex regularly and continue to have sex regularly. So I’ll put it like this: From the point when the “occasional sexhaver” first discovers a woman to the point when he finally has sex with that woman (if ever) - That same woman will likely have been fucked several times by other men within that same period between the first discovery and the first fuck

The “occasional sexhaver” may still have sex with women from time to time.
But the downside is that the “occasional sexhaver” is very often beaten to the punch by other sexhavers - The occasional sexhavers are often getting the leftovers of other sexhavers, and it’s the breadcrumbs of those leftovers which they are getting

The “Regular Sexhavers” of Young Men

Approx. 1 in 3 men are having sex regularly, as in they have sex multiple times a month
. Usually people in relationships have sex with each other on a regular basis. Thus we can conclude it’s very likely that most “regular sexhavers” are currently in a relationship or “situationship”. It’s possible there are men who escortbux frequently enough to be considered “regular sexhavers”. It’s also possible there are single men among “regular sexhavers” who are just swingers and have high rates of success in cold approaching or DM sliding. Besides the fact that this minority share of young men dominate the hookup & dating market, there’s not much else to be said about them

Most women over 18 (around 60%) have sex regularly, which means regular sexhavers are usually the ones filling up women’s pussies in those interval periods when occasional sexhavers (and the sexless bunch) aren’t. Regular sexhavers fuck women at a +10x higher rate compared to “occasional sexhavers” and “the sexless bunch”. Plus regular sexhavers usually fuck all the same bitches that are fucked by “occasional sexhavers” and “the sexless bunch”, although “occasional sexhavers” and “the sexless bunch” do not usually fuck all the same bitches who have been fucked by regular sexhavers

: For men ages 18 – 29 in western society (zoomers & millennials), the stats show that around 1/3 of them are sexless, around 1/3 of them are “occasional sexhavers” and around 1/3 of them are “regular sexhavers”. Basically 1/3 of young men have sex regularly and 2/3 of young men don’t have sex regularly. The share of pussy across young men in western society is negatively skewed – A smaller portion of young men are slaying the larger share of available females in the sex / dating market. The larger portion of young men are either receiving breadcrumbs or nothing
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The brutal reality of being a man. Roughly 70% are barely having sex or simply not at all. This also means 70% of men don't have their basic biological needs met. Even worse, we get hate, our problems dismissed, all sorts of gaslighting and patronizing advice. How can anyone say men are not oppressed?
The brutal reality of being a man. Roughly 70% are barely having sex or simply not at all. This also means 70% of men don't have their basic biological needs met. Even worse, we get hate, our problems dismissed, all sorts of gaslighting and patronizing advice. How can anyone say men are not oppressed?
Only Chads are not oppressed us that remained virgins in high school remain virgins up until we decide to see a sex worker I am in my thirties and I still haven't even popped my cherry and a lot of my people that I personally know have shamed me for it as a result I totally rejected socializing with them anymore I tried to base My Lifestyle on the teachings of Arthur schopenhauer and other thinkers that promoted Lone Wolf mentalities where you reject wanting to even socialize with the human race I unfortunately try to only focus on making money so with that being said I am forced to deal with people which is very uncomfortable for me but I have to do it in order to pay for a place to live I wish I could be the last man on Earth with electricity and a supermarket with fresh food everyday for free but I don't live in that universe
Thank you for using color to illustrate the difference between the 3 classes.

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