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Brutal The more I think about this analogy I made on forbidden knowledge, the more I realize just how true and brutal it is.

I made this analogy pretty casually but its really very true and deep. The blackpill is forbidden knowledge. Its forbidden because the things it lets us know really disturbs us and destroys us to our core, turning us insane, and making us lash out at """Innocent""" people. I put "innocent" in triple quotes because if you're blackpilled, you know that human beings are innately evil and depraved despite our capacity for good. We humans are a virus and a pestilence.

Forbidden knowledge is only meant for Gods, i.e., beings who are mentally too developed to be affected by the negative reality which the blackpill reveals. Since we can't deal with the negative and evil aspects of primal sociobiology, we become misanthropic and lash out, seeking to end life itself or control the chaos of life into righteous order of biological determinism to the point where we've eliminated freedom and happiness and subjugated everyone, which is what we are trying to do to foids, soys, and normies.

The blackpill, much like the anti-life equation is a double edged sword. It can bring our opponents to their knees and make them kiss our asses, but not without taking a huge toll on our own mental health.
I was aware from very young age of foids preferring the richer, taller, more popular boys.
No it isn't. The blackpill is frowned upon by the dominant gynocentric social system, however most men, even married men, accept the black pill. My boomer dad is a fucking simp, but even he knows that women are extremely shallow and will chose a partner based on money (beainga whore with extra steps) or physical appearance.
I know lots of guys that have internalized the blackpill, it is trivial knowledge in my friend group and none of them even know the official term.

The "blackpill" isn't forbidden knowledge. In fact, it's the core life philosophy of women worldwide. Think about it. Women are already insane. Women already lash out at innocents. Women understand from a young age that looks are paramount for boys (the choosy popular boys that matter, anyway). Early blackpill was focused on hyperbolically touting cosmetic surgery for men, a pursuit in which women were already engaged. Blackpilled men focus on infinite competition for women, but women are already fixated on infinite competition for men (Chad only).

The difference between today's blackpilled men and women is that men seek to spread its knowledge to other men in the pursuit of truth, whereas women seek to hide it from other men to keep them docile and subservient: in your own words, on their knees and kissing women's asses. It's not the blackpill in your hands that achieves this subservience; it's the lack of it in your opposition. What's really happened is that the blackpill to bluepill ratio in each respective gender has reversed over the last few centuries. We men have become the suckers.

A long time ago, in the days of real patriarchy and serious organized religion, it was the other way around. Men were blackpilled and used traditional society as an invaluable tool to control and keep women bluepilled for their own benefit. It's hard to imagine now, so ubiquitous is the modern strongwoman, but the average woman back in the day was bluepilled. She believed that all men were fundamentally good and superior to her; she accepted material losses and drudgery in return for mere proximity to a man; she was convinced that a woman's highest calling was to serve a man and that a woman was nothing without one.

Men actually won so hard that they forgot why those traditions existed. They then discarded those carefully evolved traditions for gender equality and modern wokeism. Nowadays, the reversal is so complete that most men aren't even aware they're losing a war. Spreading awareness of the blackpill to men is merely a tiny way we can start to turn the ship around, by getting modern men back on the same level as modern women.
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Kind of unrelated but Owlman exploded when he sat on the mobius chair because he mentally couldn't take the blackpill

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