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Serious [STUDY] Solitary confinement shows how devastating loneliness can be - Forced isolation is recognized as a form of torture

Sex deprivation should be recognised as a form of torture.
Nobody cares about the mental torture of men, in fact today's prevailing institutional establishment gets off on it. The entire world today seems to be content on ignoring male problems or suffering but then has the audacity to shriek in horror when individual men go off the rails and becomes violent. This will become a huge social theme going the next thirty years into the future.

Also, feminists get off on male suffering too, just look at the way they speak about men today.
Sex deprivation should be recognised as a form of torture.
Ah, but then they would argue sex is a privilege and not a right, but at the same time if you ask them why a majority of men can no longer afford that privilege they'll be silent with no answer. They always seem to have some kind of bullshit answer to everything but when you press them on it they always go silent.
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We need a purge or revolution.
Everyday I wakes up and suffer
Not bad when youre used to it

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