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Story of every man who falls for the (((self-improvement))) scam

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Grotesque Deformity

Grotesque Deformity

I can't breed
Oct 5, 2023
I see this as the generic path most people who end up on the infinite (((self-improvement))) treadmill follow.Give me your opinions on this.
  1. Get born as a non-Chad male who was not born into a rich family.
  2. Develop a sense of pride or dignity.
  3. During school years fail to socialize due to your poor looks or mental illness and because of your pride/dignity you don't jestermaxx for Chads/Foids as normies do.
  4. Due to non-existent socialization you fall into total isolation which leads to depression.
  5. To cope with depression you start doing self-destructive things such as blacking out with alcohol, getting high of drugs, jerking off for 10 times a day, etc...
    1. Some never move pass this point and end up in an early grave.
  6. At some point you realize that something has to change as this life has been only been destroying you, so you ditch your worst habits (let go of drugs, lower the alcohol intake, jerk off less time etc...)
  7. You try to socialize once more (now in late high school or college) and of course you fail to make any progress.
  8. Searching for solutions online you stumble upon the redpill sphere (first guys like Jordan Peterson, Richard Coper etc and the people like Tate/Hamza)
  9. You start (((self-improving))) and falling for scam after scam, but not seeing any improvement aside from some superficial "wins"
  10. Your intellect beings to die as you force yourself to live in a delusion, devolving into a creature that spews niggerspeak and emojis.
  11. After decades of (((self-improvement))) and nothing to show for it, you get a moment of clarity and blow your brains out.
The only noncope is plastic surgery
Of course this is scam. If you're really ugly, it's over for you.

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