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Soy Soy let's playER (It was ovER before he entERed his mothERs womb)

Dr. Autismo

Dr. Autismo

You cannot comprehend my mighty autism!
Dec 22, 2023
There's this let's playER I recently remembERed called Lotus Prince.
He's nothing special, just another nERdy soyboy consoomER gaymER let's player.
I only heard about him because a few years back, I was watching LPs of a PS1 game called GalERians.
I pERsonally knew someone who played it and it was his childhood game.

Back to Lotus Prince:
This fag is nothing special, he's been LPing on jewtube since 2011, his first LP being of Deus EX, and he still uploads.
He's currently playing No More Heroes 3, but his recent LPs don't even get 100 views.
His video detailing the content differences in all the resident evil ports from 2015 has 1 million views though... some how.
I've only seen a small bit of his GalERian LP, but immediately quit after seeing his cringy, nearly 10 minute introduction.
One of his more recent videos has him talking about playing No More Heroes 3 and HOLY SHIT, this nigga has aged like fucking diet soy milk.
Seriously, look at him!

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wej1-1gbfqQ

And by the way, that AmERican Mcgee's Alice shirt is kinda a trait of his online pERsona.
He's had that shirt for years, too.
This poor boys is a total genetic dead end in 2024.
Hell, he was a genetic dead end on the day of his birth.
I'm surprised he didn't rope a long time away, probably was too much of a soyboy to do it.
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Poor trucel in denial. He needs his blackpills ASAP.
Poor trucel in denial. He needs his blackpills ASAP.
Just found out that he is/was a channel awesome collaborator.
He featured in atop the fourth wall and nostalgia critic.
Aproprate considering that lot of those guys are betas and soyboys.
Lotus Prince's real name is justin fruhling btw.
did not watch
He's a trucels in denial who copes with video games. unfortunately.
I don't think they'd want him.
He'd be competing with better looking guys then him.
Alot of ladyboy(faggot) who LARP as foids are willing to settle down old richfag in Thailand

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