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Sad that Moore lost



Living girl repellent
Nov 8, 2017
I don't really care about the guy's policies or anything since I'm Canadian, but I would have loved to see all the Reddit SJW libtards get triggered.
That would have been hilarious.
Dingus_Incel said:
That would have been hilarious.
Yeah, lmao. The fuckers over at inceltears would be throwing a fit.
Me too. I just want sjws and females in regards to politics now
Who gives two shits to be honest. What good is triggering SJWs if neither side is going to change the world.
NegroKing said:
Who gives two shits to be honest. What good is triggering SJWs if neither side is going to change the world.

The whole point is to trigger the SJW's and normies. Politics is for fools and perverts anyway. The vast majority of all politicians are sexual deviants and pedohiles. Thats how the globalists run everything. They have complete access to all their sexual digressions and can blackmail the politicians into doing their agenda. You have to be an immoral person to work in the most governments. 

Basically all politicians have weird fetishes, hire escorts/prostitutes, cheat on their spouses, have children out of wedlock, are homosexual, or are some type of deviant.
I think it's great that he lost because I love seeing /pol/ tears!

Also, he obviously lost because voter turnout wasn't as big anymore and Republicans couldn't draw out as many people as Trump could. Trump's platform had an obvious social populist element and his platform, or maybe rather the image he created, was clearly not typically Republican, not Bible-thumping, holding a rainbow-flag, speaking critically about "people dying on the street because they can't afford health care", speaking out against Bush's foreing policay, etc. etc.

But people clearly see that the GOP is still the same old same and that, all things considered, Trump has become more like the GOP than the GOP like Trump. They know that with the GOP they still pretty much get the typical imperialist, evangelical, tradcuck BS they are tired off. Just look at Jerusalem now!

I think increasingly many people also realize that all this populism from BReitbart to the alt-right ... they love the working class as much as liberals love "humanity": as an abstract concept only, as a theoretical idea while having nothing but disdain for real, living breathing people and opposing all the policies that could actually help them (in regards to health care, tax cuts for the rich, minimum wage, college debts, etc.)

SoTrump populist movement draw out people who stayed at home in 2008 and 2012 .... and the GOP had this short window of time where they could use this opportunity. Instead, they continue the same old same evangelical, imperialsit middle-east policy, tradcuck shit, capitalism, tax cuts for the rich while the rest suffers .......... so people who sympathize with the GOP stay at home, while more and more DEmocrats are mobilized and vote.

I guess that Trump will still win a 2nd term because the Democrats will shoot themselves in their own foot with the SJW shit, but everything else the GOP will lose and after Trump's 2nd term, it's completely over for Republicans.

Also, they aren't really anti-feminist. They are tradcuck white knights. Tradcucks are also manginas who worship vagina. If they were really anti-feminist, anti-women I could see how men would want to support them but they aren't really anti-feminists, they are anti-gay Christcucks, occassionally believing in conspiracy theories about rich men engaging i nacts of rape and pedophilia and perversio n... they are just as hysterical about rape and pedophilia as feminists are. If you still think that tradcucks who want to defend the honor of m'lady against rapists and trannies on women's toilets are an antidote to feminism .... well, then you'd support Moore adn I'm glad to see you getting destroyed.


Now allegedly Kissinger-fanboy Bannon plans to make a new party himself. If he were smart, he'd make a moderately liberal anti-immigration party. This party would ahve success! But instead, it will be just one more Christian Zionist, capitalist, Evanglical tradcuck party and if he actually does what he promises, the GOP will devour itself.
So many normies are alt-light now, it's fun seeing the beginning of the democratic swing.

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