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Blackpill Russians are low T cucks alike westerners

post stuff like this in ID sometimes, itll get more traction
The based slavic gopnick meme is only true in Poland where these ethnics dont live.
Unfortunately, I don't think that was true for over a decade at this point, Poland overall seems to be very nonviolent society overall now, I don't think they have any white equivalent to Gypsies or other thugmaxxed ethnics in the rest of Slavlands. Though maybe the Polishcels would disagree @PolskiKartofel @To koniec
I have known some caucasus and russian asian guys here overall they are subhumans/bullies when it comes to character and so are the french gypsies , but the thing is they are still ugly ogre looking subhumans , i still wouldn't want to be them.They get whiped out by any properly organised army , i'm not a big fan of russians but the caucasus people and the asians they have are the scum of the earth it must be hell on earth living next to those subhumans...... I d bet they're worse than niggers and arabs , a lot of arabs and niggers are nice despite them being most of the criminals in western europe specially in france. Putin is really a cuck when it comes to them and i don't understand how Russia is so open to them ( if someone can explain that to me here ).

this is so extremely misleading. the first poster mentions that he is not an ethnic russian in the comments, and the second example is adopted (adopted people from anywhere are almost always mixed-race/incoherent).

in the third thread everyone who mentions their mixed race results either is adopted or ethnic minority/mixed. fact of the matter is russians are more racially pure than western europeans who mixed with the romans/moors/french/italians/spanish.
Yeah Caucasus and Central asians run the shit, its russias own fault it wasn't like this before the ussr collapse
21.05.2024 Moscow

Cultural exchange between immigrants or some ethnics, shooting in the end of the video

Most slavs in Russia are low T cucks. I don't know why people think they are based or high t or whatever. The ones that control the streets are ethnics. In Russian army too ethnics bully russian men. They beat up russian men and force them to write their country's name on their Backs..

View attachment 1164124

Written Azerbaijan country
View attachment 1164125

Written Tajikistan is power

View attachment 1164126

Written Dagestan

The most brutal thing is that these ethnics are just 20% of the army but despite the 80% russians in the army they can't nothing.3-5 ethnics control 20 russians and bully and force them to do what they want. The based slavic gopnick meme is only true in Poland where these ethnics dont live. Polish slavs and most of EE slavs that aren't infested by these ethnics are based
Typical gipniks like in this meme are no longer around since like 2012-14 (in my experience living in small town)

Even if there's some low life thugs around, they dress different since then.
This is pathetic i know for a fact that in some western EU countries (muh degenerate west) one single photo like this in the army of all places would spark widespread national outrage.

Also lately some white russian burned a coran so chechens asked Putin if they can punish him themselves and this cuck agreed and extradited him. You can only hate a nation like this.
Paki is a major of London and Britain ignored when ethnics raped British girls. The same in Germany, Sweden...
Russian foids are ultimate whores, men are primitive animals
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Y haplogroups only look at the paternal line and are determined by a small proportion of your DNA. Autosomal DNA is what matters, and in that regard most Slavs are overwhelmingly European
Slavs has the highest percentage of R1A genomes because they are og aryan
Slavs has the highest percentage of R1A genomes because they are og aryan
Again, muh R1A is largely irrelevant. Less than 10% of Finns have an R1-anything Y haplogroup, yet they’re some of the most Yamnaya-admixed people in the world. Meanwhile, 70%+ of Bengali Brahmins are R1A inheritors and they look like this:
Under Putin, his government has been trying to frame 'Russian' as more of a civic identity like American or Brazilian (both are which are mutted up states not coincidentally) rather than an ethnic one like Hungarian, Slovak and so on. The same way there are White Americans and African Americans which are both considered Americans by nationality, Caucasian and Central Asian migrants are considered Russian by nationality. Anyone who disagrees is ruthlessly repressed as opposition or funneled into control opposition groups. If you think ethnonationalists are treated poorly in the West, it's even worse in Russia.
95% of russians have some amount of ethnic blood. No body is pure in slavland.
it's becuase the unitarians have ravaged that region in the name of utopia. that's why we need to eradicate the globalist and socialists and bring back the old to pair it with modern technology.

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