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Welcome! This is a forum for involuntary celibates: people who lack a significant other. Are you lonely and wish you had someone in your life? You're not alone! Join our forum and talk to people just like you.

Rules and FAQ

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Nov 8, 2017

This is a forum for male involuntary celibates, single men who have trouble finding a significant other.

  • Incel (Allowed):
    • A man (18+) who desires a romantic relationship but is unable to enter one.
  • Women and LGBT Individuals (Not allowed):
    • Banned on sight, no exceptions. This is a heterosexual male-only forum.
  • Non-incel (Not allowed):
    • Even if interested in blackpill philosophy, the community has voted not to allow non-incels.
  • Under 18's (Not allowed):
    • Forum accepts only those who are 18+, no exceptions aside from those grandfathered

Note that moderators will consider rules on a case-by-case basis.
  • Experiences:
    • Do not discuss or request personal romantic or sexual experiences, even if they happened long ago. Discussion of paid sex is allowed as an exception, as the community has voted to allow it. Discussion of personal romantic/sexual experiences outside of the forum may result in a warning or ban.
    • Do not LARP; there is a difference between withholding your experiences and pretending that they never happened.
  • Behavior:
    • Do not persecute, harass, or attack others.
    • Do not humble-brag, such as by subtly praising your own features ("I'm incel even though I'm muscular and 6'2").
    • Do not troll, bait, proselytize, post platitudes, mass tag users, or necropost (i.e., do not post in inactive threads older than ~1 month unless you have something to contribute - plain agreement, mere quoting, and meaningless one-liners don't qualify as contributing).
  • Accounts:
    • You can only have one account, do not make more. Do not share your account, or post on behalf of other users.
  • Content:
    • Do not post low effort, spam, advertisement, or in all-caps.
    • Do not ask to be rated or post selfies.
    • Do not worship or praise people (i.e. do not put people on a pedestal or post pictures admiring them).
    • Do not cherrypick (e.g. posting an unattractive man with a girlfriend to generalize and try to prove a point).
    • Use the [NSFW] tag if your thread has shocking content, but use it sparingly.
    • Do not post illegal content. If in doubt, don't post it.
    • Do not post bluepilled content of any kind.
    • Do not sexualize minors in any way, shape, or form.
    • No gay or LGBT content, unless you're criticising it.
    • Do not post animal abuse content.
These rules are very flexible. You WILL be warned or banned if you attempt to circumvent any of them.

Please also read our terms and rules and privacy policy for more information on data and content. By using this site you agree to all our policies and rules.

  • Must-Read Content:
    • Necroposting is allowed on all threads, they all remain relevant to this day.
  • Inceldom Discussion:
    • Low effort is not allowed here. Please post quality threads and responses only.
  • The Lounge:
    • Lax rules on low effort, just don't spam.
  • The Sewers:
    • Necropost anytime, spam all you want. However, do not mass tag people, mass create threads, or spam responses on many different threads (i.e. don't overly annoy people and ruin the experience for the rest).



I have an inquiry or proposal, where can I reach you?
Email [email protected]

Why are the rules so unusual?
This is a forum for men who can't get a partner and feel sad about it. Seeing romantically successful people brag about their experiences on the forum would be insulting, and would only exacerbate the issue.

Is there a Dark theme?
Yes. Press the theme button on the bottom left of the page.

Can I change my username?
Not directly. The community voted and decided against it.
However, check the below section on account deletion/making new accounts.

Can I change the tag under my username?
Yes. From your preferences panel.

How do I get alerts?
At the top right of every thread, there's a button that says "Watch".
If you want to Watch a particular thread without having to post, simply click the button.
To automatically Watch threads after you create them or post in them, change your alert preferences.

Can I block users?
Yes. Click on their username, followed by the button "Ignore".

Can I edit or delete my posts?
Yes. You have a 30-minute window to edit or delete posts. You have a 30-minute window to edit threads. You cannot delete threads.
You can ask a mod to remove content if you really need it gone, but we do not mass delete content.

I can't send private messages or vote in polls!
You're new. Be active on the site, and you'll be given permission automatically in time.

How do I add an image to my signature?
Upload the image to imgur.com. Click on the down arrow once it's uploaded -> Get share links and use the BBCode (forums) link.

How do ranks and stars work?
You earn one star per 100 posts, up to 5 stars. Once you get 500 posts your rank and color change, and you reset to one star again.

For each rank you need to have been registered one extra week on the site, this is so spamming to skip ranks isn't possible.
You can see all ranks in the Members section's sidebar. If you have the post count + registered time required for a rank, be patient; the 'upgrade' process runs every hour.

Can I erase my account?
Yes. Select the "Disable Account" option from your user dropdown or from your preferences.
This is irreversible! Your username will be randomized, your email and password purged from the database, and your account fully disabled forever.

I deleted my account. Can I make a new one?
Yes, but only three (3) months after the deletion of your old one. Just register again and link to your old account, so we can whitelist you. Don't pretend to be a new account because we'll confuse you for someone trying to avoid a ban. If you got banned and only then deleted the account, you don't qualify for this. You need to wait one (1) year instead. If you try to make an account before that, you will get banned and the 1-year timer will be reset. And yes, if you delete your account and then wait three months, you can get a new username by making a new account. Three months is a long time though, think about it carefully.

How can I stay safe online?
The same way you do anywhere else: Don't post personal information (name, address, phone, email, pictures, etc), unless you are comfortable exposing that information to the whole internet. If you want to go a step further, you can post with a proxy or a VPN.

How do warnings work?
Warnings are active for exactly 1 month by default. Active warnings will add up, and if they total 60% or more you will get a temporary ban (up to 4 days). At 100%, you'll be permanently banned.

Why was X user banned?
We do not announce reasons for warnings or bans, but you can try asking the user yourself. Otherwise, use the ban megathread in Offtopic.

What is low effort?
It is content that is unrelated to a thread, posted for memetic value, or spam-like in nature. Examples: an emote reply, quoting someone and adding nothing else, one-word replies, and many other variations. The content might as well not have been posted.
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Rule Guideline Update:

Based on the 6-0 vote in our mod chat, we have decided to add the following rules:
  • Do not post bluepilled content of any kind.
  • Do not sexualize minors in any way, shape, or form.
The first rule is pretty much implied, but we have made a rule for it anyways. The second rule is a new rule. We have had a very long discussion about the implementation of a rule that restricts speech, but we believe that this rule is necessary.
Minor rule change:
  • Do not sexualize minors in any way, shape, or form.
The above rule has been changed to the following to better reflect what we were going for:
  • Do not sexualize pre-pubescent minors in any way, shape, or form.
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New rule added:
  • No gay or LGBT content, unless you're criticising it.
New clause added:
  • These rules are very flexible. You WILL be warned or banned if you attempt to circumvent any of them.
Rule explanations:

Racial baiting a.k.a race bait is not allowed on incels.is and is a part of our existing rule against bait in the behavior section of my colleague and co-admin @Master’s opening post in this our rules topic section.

Legendary r/incels mod and OG incels.is site moderator @Ryo_Hazuki set the precedent to extend the no bait rule to include no racial baiting either. He was essentially forced to do this in order to effectively combat and put a stop to a relentless BBC spammer back during his days of being an active moderator of incels.is.

In the spirit of @Ryo_Hazuki’s noble struggle I have decided that whenever race bait posting gets out of control as it inevitably always does ALL users who engage in it will be subject to 4 day bans for the foreseeable future until I decide the fascination with the subject has died down enough to go back to handing out regular warnings once again that are considered far lesser or rather gentler punishments by comparison.

Blue pill content: Posting tired cliches and worn out normie and PUA grifter platitudes such as “Just be yourself bro”, “Man up bro”, “Just hit the gym and learn to lift bro”, “Work hard, get a job and eventually a woman will come to you bro, etc, etc are all examples of blue pill thinking that don’t belong here, as while some of this advice may have worked in the long ago past eras of the 1980’s, 1970’s, 1960’s, 1950’s and earlier, it is a vastly different world now.

The times we are living in now are more unforgiving, fast moving, highly connected and extremely alienated.

Its a high tech world now where competition for females has become so fierce via the rise of the internet and dating apps that even attractive male Chads are at times having to turn to fat and or ugly women to get anything at all as now normAl regular Chads are finding themselves having to compete with rich and famous and or just better looking giga Chads in general as women’s narcissism and hypergamy continues to grow.

LGBTQ content rule: We also consider furries ie furfags and bronies to be part of this community and may update the rule further to include anymore disgusting and degenerate groups that might arise in the future within it if only for the understandable purposes of keeping our website free of degrading filth as well cultural subversion which these movements all heavily steeped in homosexuality almost always seem to foment.

Lastly on this issue for now in addition to criticizing LGBTQ we still of course allow our users to make fun of the condition as the inspiration arises.

LGBTQ rule update: Should users discover any loophole/s in our rules that should in theory allow LGBTQ’s to join our forum, said loophole/s will not be honored in practice but rather once the loophole is discovered the rule explanations may be further updated to reflect that to continue making the community aware of what is and is not allowed.

Loophole example: Two purportedly heterosexual men desire to get married to eachother solely for the combined financial benefits. This is a possible example that is suspect in the extreme and simply cannot be allowed.

Gore content: Its still allowed but remember to only post legal gore images or videos and always be certain to use the NSFW tag on such content when you do so.

1. Example of legal gore content are car wrecks, accidents, natural disaster related, nature predator and prey related such as say Komodo dragons devouring a still alive and suffering deer or other type of animal, hunting videos etc, etc.

2. Example of illegal gore content are animal crush videos, animal abuse/cruelty videos, dog fights set up by human spectators etc, etc.

Illegal content: Everyone probably already knows enough about what sort of content is illegal so as not to post it so I will highlight some content specific to the community and what is legal from what is not.

1. Legal: Celebrating someone on the news having “gone ER” meaning gone on a mass shooting against our perceived or actual group enemies.

2. Illegal: Saying you will go ER against our actual or perceived enemies and or advocating or telling someone else to do so.
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Rule Modification: Removed misinformation rule from the rules, too vague.
Rule Modification: When signing up on incels.is for the very first time or when being allowed to disable your prior username and create an alt username make sure to create a masculine sounding username which is to say, create the kind of username that when you yourself look at it or other’s view it, that it gives off the vibe that a masculine heterosexual male created the name, otherwise your new account will be rejected effectively banning you from the website.

Examples of names that wouldn’t be allowed because they evoke that a female or LGBTQ weirdo created them:



Also to the anime freaks out there:

Do not sign up here under your anime waifu’s name either, as that would fall not only under this new rule of ours but the existing rule against foid worship as well.

Existing accounts of this type shall be grandfathered in, meaning left alone and unpunished, whereas from 2023 and onward the mods may reject new accounts such as these on sight.
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Rule Modification:

Blue pill content part 2- The majority of the forum community as well the site staff ie moderators and admins have mutually agreed that the “Oofy Doofy” theory popularized if not entirely created by Youtube incelebrity “Hell by the dashboard light” is simply a repackaged version of the long detested and emasculating beta bux strategy, not to mention that “Oofy Doofy” theory is observably not truly reflective of the current year 2022 dating market, thus we at incels.is reject the theory as yet another unfortunately wildly popular self delusional blue pilled lie. Members who advocate for or who support this theory openly, shall be subject to similar level warnings and or bannings as are typically already applied to promoters of prior existing and identified blue pill content.
Rule explanation: What it means to be an incel on incels.is so that you may join our site.

Our community’s unique definition of the term and word “incel” is not exactly the same as what you might find in the normie world or in a dictionary.

For us an incel is a male who has never had a romantic, voluntary, unpaid sexual relationship with a human female ever in his entire life and no romance whatsoever in his entire life with a human female, so this means to join up here and not be banned you must never of had a girlfriend or wife nor even a fling or one night stand, as that too can be based in a type of fleeting romantic love or passion.

The community has also repeatedly voted that so called “escortcels” ie men who have paid sex with prostitutes whether on a regular basis, once in a while or whenever the mood strikes may also be considered incels and join the community since our userbase as a majority agrees that romantic pair bonding is what separates the normies and the Chads ie sex havers from we incels and not simply sex itself.

Once a person is able (if ever) to obtain a woman’s love and affection and voluntary sexual intercourse from her, that man has “ascended” meaning they have leveled up beyond incel status and now become a normie or a Chad.

Contrary to the public ie normies typical views on incels what we as a majority want is not sex first and foremost but rather to be chosen by a woman as her object of love and desire and only then be offered sex from her.

This is part of the reason why the community tolerates and even approves of “escortcels” ie men who have paid sex with prostitutes and it is because any man of legal age, financial means and physical ability can engage in this behavior but not every man out there can obtain something that is arguably more special and rewarding which is a woman’s love.
Rule Modification: Do not sexualize minors in any way, shape, or form.
Name changes:

Beings as we are the two admins of the website @Master or myself can change your username for you if you so desire.

One or more of the mods we may have given this ability to perform also.

Though we reserve the right to refuse changing someone’s username for any reason ie maybe we’re too tired or lazy to do so at the moment or we’ve discovered you haven’t been a good boy dat dindu nuffin and have been too busy robbing the local liquor stores and snatching old ladies purses to spend any time at all on earning your skola-shiip.

However we are not likely to change your username if someone with an active account already has the cool username that you want and yet if someone signed up here presumably just to register a cool name and never use it so as to keep other people from having it, we will edit their name sufficiently so that the system will allow us to give it to you.

Anyway to close this out for now I will say I think a good rule of thumb for us for now is limiting a person’s username change to once or twice per year.
Edit: Update- the below information no longer applies as the userbase has recently voted to allow ALL variety of female icons whether 3D ie real world women or 2D anime/cartoon waifus.

New rule added: no female avatars/icons of any kind allowed be they cartoon 2D or real world 3D photographs or drawings/paintings.

A recent user driven poll vote has decided this:

In 6 months time users may get to vote again on this subject.

Mods are instructed now to remove all images in violation of our new site policy.

Only ban users at your own discretion from 1-3 days time if they undo your avatar/icon deletion and put their old icon back or a new icon that features a female image of any kind.

Note: This is not a rule against ALL anime icons or avatars either but once again only female icons and avatars exclusively and once again this rule applies to 3D images as well lest anyone think anime is being singled out.
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Since Mentally Lost Cel won two polls on the subject our new rule is no animal abuse or gore topics.
Also probably worth noting here. People who repeatedly use and abuse the account deletion feature, I'll be removing your ability to do so. You can message me for the ability back. But do not continue to abuse it thereafter.
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