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Welcome! This is a forum for involuntary celibates: people who lack a significant other. Are you lonely and wish you had someone in your life? You're not alone! Join our forum and talk to people just like you.

Rules and FAQ

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Nov 7, 2017

This is a forum for involuntary celibates, people who have trouble finding a significant other.

  • Incel (Allowed):
    • Person who desires a romantic relationship but is unable to enter one.
  • Females and homosexuals (Not allowed):
    • Banned on sight, no exceptions. This is a forum for males to discuss male-female relationships only.
  • Non-incel (Not allowed):
    • Even if subscribed to the blackpill philosophy, the community has voted not to allow non-incels.

-- RULES --

Note that moderators will consider rules on a case-by-case basis.
  • Experiences:
    • Do not discuss or request personal romantic or sexual experiences, even if they happened long ago. Discussion of paid sex is allowed as an exception, as the community has voted to allow it.
      Discussion of personal experiences outside of the forum that are brought to our attention may result in a ban.
    • Do not LARP; there is a difference between withholding your experiences and pretending that they never happened.
  • Behavior:
    • Do not persecute, harass, or attack other users.
    • Do not humble-brag, such as by subtly praising your own features ("I'm incel even though I'm muscular and 6'2").
    • Do not troll, bait, proselytize, post misinformation or platitudes, mass tag users, or necropost (i.e., do not post in inactive threads older than ~1 month unless you have something to contribute - plain agreement, mere quoting, and meaningless one-liners don't qualify as contributing).
  • Accounts:
    • You can only have one account, do not make more. Do not share your account, or post on behalf of other users.
  • NSFW:
    • Use the [NSFW] tag for pornography and violent content.
  • Content:
    • Do not post low effort, spam, advertisement, selfies, or in all-caps.
    • Do not ask to be rated (use
    • Do not post gay or trans content.
    • Do not worship or praise males or females (i.e. do not put people on a pedestal or post pictures admiring them).
    • Do not cherrypick (e.g. do not post unattractive men with girlfriends to try to prove a point).
    • Do not post illegal content. If in doubt, assume it's rule-breaking.
To discuss romantic experiences, improve your appearance, or get a rating, please visit
To appeal a ban, read our rules on bans.
Please also read our privacy policy for more information on data and content. By using this site you agree to all our policies and rules.

  • Must-Read Content:
    • Necroposting is allowed on all threads, they all remain relevant to this day.
  • Inceldom Discussion:
    • Low effort is not allowed here. Please post quality threads and responses only.
  • The Lounge:
    • Lax rules on low effort, just don't spam.
  • The Sewers:
    • Necropost anytime, spam all you want. However, do not mass tag people, mass create threads, or spam responses on many different threads (i.e., overly annoy people and ruin the experience for the rest).



-I have an inquiry or proposal, or want to advertise on the site, where can I reach you?
Email [email protected].

-Is there a Dark theme?
Yes. Press the button on the bottom left of the page.

-Can I change my username?
Not directly. The community voted and decided against it.
However, check below for account deletion / making new accounts.

-Can I change the tag under my username?
Yes. From your preferences panel.

-How do I get alerts?
At the top right of every thread there's a button that says "Watch".
If you want to Watch a particular thread without having to post, simply click the button.
To automatically Watch threads after you create them or post in them, change your alert preferences.

-Can I block users?
Yes. Click on their username, followed by the button "Ignore".

-Can I edit or delete my posts?
Yes. You have a 30 minute window to edit or delete posts. You have a 30 minute window to edit threads. You cannot delete threads.
You can ask a mod to remove content if you really need it gone, but we do not mass delete content.

-I can't send private messages or vote in polls!
You're new. Be active on the site, and you'll be given the permission automatically in time.

-How do I add an image to my signature?
Upload the image to Click on the down arrow once it's uploaded -> Get share links and use the BBCode (forums) link.

-How do ranks and stars work?
You earn one star per 100 posts, up to 5 stars.
Once you get 500 posts your rank and color changes, and you reset to one star again.
For each rank you need to have been registered one extra week on the site, this is so spamming to skip ranks isn't possible.
You can see all ranks in the Members section's sidebar.
If you have the post count + registered time required for a rank, be patient; the 'upgrade' process runs every hour.

-Can I erase my account?
Yes. Select the "Disable Account" option from your user dropdown or from your preferences.
This is irreversible! Your username will be randomized, your email and password purged from the database, and your account fully disabled forever.

-I deleted my account. Can I make a new one?
Yes, but only three (3) months after the deletion of your old one. Just register again and link to your old account, so we can whitelist you. Don't pretend to be a new account because we'll confuse you for someone ban avoiding and ban you.

If you got banned and only then deleted the account, you don't qualify for this. You need to wait one (1) year instead. If you try to make an account before that, you will get banned and the 1 year timer will be reset.

And yes, if you delete your account and then wait three months, you can get a new username by making a new account. Three months is a long time though, think about it carefully.

-How can I stay safe online?
The same way you do anywhere else: Don't post personal information (e.g., name, address, phone, email, pictures, etc), unless you are comfortable exposing that information to the whole internet. If you want to go a step further, you can post with a proxy or a VPN.

-How do warnings work?
Warnings are active exactly 1 month by default. Active warnings will add up, and if they total 60% or more you will get a temporary ban (up to 4 days). At 100%, you'll be permanently banned.

-Why was X user banned?
We do not announce reasons for warnings or bans. You can try asking the user yourself, or use the ban megathread in Offtopic.

-Are antisemitism, racism, and the like prohibited?
They all have a very high chance of breaking the existing rules against persecution, bullying, trolling and personal attacks, after all, members of the forum belong to many races and cultures. Severity and frequency raise the likelihood of mod action. We allow you to express yourself in a very broad way, but don't be an asshole.

-What is low effort?
It is content which is unrelated to a thread, posted for memetic value, or spam-like in nature. Examples: an emote reply, quoting someone and adding nothing else, one-word replies, and many other variations. The content might as well not have been posted.
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