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Reddit calls 26 year old a pedophile for dating someone who's about to turn 18

foids hate seeing men choose young foids to date as they know there is no way they can compete and try to guilt men into dating as old as possible
soy chuggers strike again
Reddit gonna soy
Typical pathetic agecucks
Niggas cant even aim for prime pussy anymore without some foid screeching against it
I found your reddit account and looked through your post history... ummmm.... lets just say thats a big yikes from me, sweaty.
''my brother won't stop dating 17 year olds''

Scary times we live in. Existing as an ugly male gets you called a pedophile.
roasties mad men want tight virgin pussy :lul:
Honestly once it’s legal then you can just watch people seethe, there’s nothing anybody can do about it.
foids hate seeing men choose young foids to date as they know there is no way they can compete and try to guilt men into dating as old as possible
Someone mockingly wrote "Hey judge explain why 18 is good but 17 is bad"

A response I wrote: The judge would mention the law, but not anything related to how the second you turn 18 a magical change happens. It's funny how you guys say the age of consent being 17 is crazy, but you believe 12 year olds should be able to have sex change surgeries.


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I’m 10+ years older and would love to date a 17 year old. It’s peak age for females, physically. And younger is a much better long term investment.
typical reddit


guy on the bottom is right, why are redditors always such wannabe internet tough guys
He may consent, she may consent, but they don't consent.
This is legal in 30~/50 of the US states and in most of the world? Why are they freaking out?
My little brother was upset when news broke that 21 year old NBA player Josh giddey did it with a 19 year old (its more nuanced than that but thats the gist of it). My lil bro said no one over 20 should go for anyone under 20

I mean I'm not really into jb stuff personally and im not trying to associate with that crowd, but I feel like it's crazy to think it's not okay for a 21yo and a 19yo being together
Maybe soys and toilets are getting angry about this situation, but why are we defending man who probably mogs all of us here?
She was only 17 years 364 days 23 hours 59 seconds 999 milliseconds old you sick fuck!
Reddit wouldn't mind when 35 y.o females have sex with 18 y.o males
So fucking based. If it was legal and I was able to do it I'd do the same just to spite society and cucks.
"oh my HECKIN science! It's a church being a groomer! They're victims! Poor whamen!" These same soytards would defend faggots fucking underage boys.

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