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Dec 11, 2017
I was wondering if anyone had any real advice to give the fellow scorned.

I'm mostly starting this thread to communicate the following:

Women cannot be alone.

I promise you that this is the absolute truth for at least 80% of them, probably closer to 90% of them. Unless you know that the girl just doesn't date and has been perennially single (The combination here is usually fat, high IQ, introverted in my opinion), she is seeing someone. You have to understand, that there is something to the idea that Chad is just fucking them all, but my experience, and I've had a LOT of female roommates is the following: They can't go 2 weeks being alone. In other words from the moment they have the guy out of their life a 2 week timer starts ticking for them to start seeing someone else. If they don't find a Chad in that two weeks then they're going to just go with whatever is available.

Please if you read this don't take it as theory or anecdote. Take it as fact. Most times that 2 weeks is the long end of things, usually it's within a week.

So if you can weasel your way in well enough to be acquainted with a girl enough, or her friend's group enough, to know the status of her relationship you may be able to time things to have an opening. It's important to A.) not be her emotional sponge in doing this, B) not become too emotionally evolved. Dont' be 'waiting' for this to happen, jsut be close enough to hear when it happens.

If you hear that the relationship is going long distance, there's a death timer on that relationship. Why? Women cannot be alone. They just can't deal with it. So the second you hear that a BF is going away to college, or training, or has a new job, or is getting deployed, or is moving back to helps his family, or whatever, start talking to that girl immediately.

Yes, it's true that if she's fully saturated with dating apps you'll never have a chance. But there are several things there. 1. Coming off a relatinoship they may have never used dating apps, 2. It may take them a few weeks to get into dating apps. 3. They may just use dating apps for mostly attention and prefer people they know because they're scared, 4. They may think dating apps are weird or for losers, 5. They may convince themselves that they're 'taking a break' after a relationship

In short, the girl will break up and a two week counter starts for her 'going over to' or 'having another guy come over to' hang out with a male alone. She doesn't need to meet a threshold of attractiveness to have that guy over, that's the important thing. The important thing is, I promise you, they cannot be alone. And the other thing is you may be her 5th suitor and her 5th choice, but guy 1 is popular and has something else going on, and guy 2 just happens to be out of town that weekend, and guys 3 and 4 are too shy and slow to do anything. Remember, women also don't want to have to make decisions or exercise agency at all. They want men to do all of the work for them so they're in full control. You may be totally rejected because guy 3 manages to ask her out, but most men are going to here her hints of having alone time or wanting to watch such and such or whatever and he's going to hem and haw and change the subject because he can't handle it. It'll even happen that she drops hints, guy 3 and 4 flub it, guy 5 is clear that he'll hang out with her and that'll trigger her to signal even more strongly to guy 3 and 4 who will AGAIN drop the fucking ball. And the key to all of this is, she's not going to wait, they don't have wait in them because they can't be alone. She's going to go with guy 5 and just blame guy 3 and 4 for being pussies, gay, and then cry that they probably didn't want her.

Oh, and advice point 2: As much as there's nothing you can do about a lot of genetics, if you can just maintain sub 15% body fat and manage to work out and eat right for 4-6 months you'll be in shape to a degree most men aren't, and the stature gains and loss of facial fat, I think you owe it to yourself to get to that level at least once and see how you do
Just learn to be alone. There's no point in dealing with stupid drama people put on one another (and eventually you).
dumb redpill GrAY thread

have you done this and ascended, or are you just giving '100% guaranteed' advice that even you don't care about
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dumb redpill GrAY thread

have you done this and ascended, or are you just giving '100% guaranteed' advice that even you don't care about
baby I didn't say that this was 100% guaranteed advice to work, I said that 80-90% of women 100% can't be alone for more than a few weeks. If you're low value then your chances are multiples better grabbing someone off the rebound. Now your chances might be 1% so even an order of magnitude better is only 10%
oh you are a homosexual

that explains everything, GrAYfaggot

gays might have low standards, which is why they fuck you. but foids would rather be alone than be with an incel
so this thread is basically just a GrAYfaggot pretending that they invented orbiting, and then acting like a flamboyant faggot

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He's actually calling me gay like a 5th grader. It's almost lame enough to be endearing but there's just not enough creativity
He's actually calling me gay like a 5th grader. It's almost lame enough to be endearing but there's just not enough creativity
he's actually calling me 'baby' like a faggot. it's not endearing but it is gay
of course it's not 'creative,' it's the truth, faggot

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